Overview for ZigBee® (IEEE 802.15.4)

ZigBee® is a standard for robust, low-power mesh networks.

TI provides:

  • The lowest power: multi-year operation on a small coin-cell.
  • A robust and standardized mesh network: connect 100s of nodes in an industrial setting.
  • Easy design: proven and robust “copy paste” kits and reference designs, together with a “golden unit” software stack, sample apps, and API

NEW ZigBee 3.0 support with new Z-Stack 3.0 SDK release

Z-Stack 3.0 SDK Release

Use a unified, standard, and proven platform for a range of applications.

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Complete solutions

Wireless microcontrollers (MCU) Wireless network processor
Benefits Small footprint, high integration, low cost Flexible, easy to use and reduced time to market
Application CC2530 - ZigBee wireless MCU
CC2531 - ZigBee wireless MCU with USB
CC2538 - ARM® Cortex®-M3 SimpleLink ZigBee wireless MCU
CC2630 - Ultra-low power SimpleLink ZigBee wireless MCU
CC2530, CC2531, CC2538, CC2630
MSP430, MSP432 MCUs
Any processor
Sitara processor
Wireless Stack ZigBee 3.0: Z-Stack 3.0 SDK ZigBee 3.0: Z-Stack 3.0 SDK
RF front end (optional) CC2592 CC2592

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ZigBee dev kit

TI’s easy to use development kits allow you to kick start your ZigBee development.


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ZigBee Software

TI’s lastest Z-Stack supports ZigBee 3.0, making your software much easier to maintain and use.


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Get support

Use our hardware/software designs and wiki pages as references for development.


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ZigBee Guide

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ZigBee Alliance

ZigBee Alliance

Creating an open global standard for wireless network monitoring and control products.


ZigBee 3.0

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