Texas Instruments provides one of the industry’s largest, most differentiated NFC product portfolios enabling lower power solutions to meet a broad range of RF connectivity needs.

RFID products from TI provide the ultimate solution for a wide range of applications. With its patented HDX technology, TI RFID offers unmatched performance in read range, read rate and robustness. TI offers one-stop-shopping of transponders, inlays, reader modules and reader ICs.


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  • Battery-less measurements on the spot
  • Read the RF430F5978 app note
  • Smart security inside your door
  • NFC designs made easy
  • Tap and connect for personal electronics

NFC Solutions

A complete line of ultra-low power transceiver devices and a broad dynamic and static tag offering.


HDX Technology

TI’s fundamental LF design uses half-duplex (HDX) RF communication.


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