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Explore Texas Instruments’ extensive network of Wireless Connectivity development partners. This extensive network will help you with faster application development. The network consists of recommended companies, RF consultants and independent design houses that provide a series of hardware module products and design services.

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Design Network

Featured Design Network Partners

Etherios logo

Etherios is known for designing and building M2M solutions for companies of all sizes.

LS Research logo

LS Research is a wireless product development company specializing in RF design, software development, and FCC / CE certification services.

Jorjin Technologies Inc. logo

Founded since 1997, Jorjin Technologies is a complete solution provider who specialized in wireless module(SiP) solutions for many upcoming portable devices including mobile phone and consumer electronics market.

IoT Cloud Ecosystem

The TI IoT cloud ecosystem helps manufacturers using TI technology to easily and rapidly connect more to the Internet of Things (IoT). Open to cloud service providers with a differentiated service offering and value-added services running on one of TI's IoT solutions, the TI cloud ecosystem provides options to meet individual manufacturer needs. If your company is interested in joining, please fill out the TI IoT cloud ecosystem form.

IoT Cloud Partners

Featured IoT Cloud Ecosystem Members

2lemetry logo

2lemetry provides an IOT platform called ThingFabric that collects and stores data from devices, products, and machines. ThingFabric is a highly scalable, reliable, and secure and functions as a middleware / big data system that sits between your connected "things", people, applications, and other "Things". ThingFabric can handle any transmission protocol. Dashboards are provided for users to view data from their connected "things". An open API exists for custom application development or integration to enterprise applications. ThingFabric works with products or devices that are powered by TI microcontrollers as well as "Things" connected to the internet by TI SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi products.

ARM logo

ARM is at the heart of the world's most advanced digital products. The company's technology enables the creation of new markets and transformation of industries and society. ARM designs scalable, energy efficient-processors and cloud connectivity software technologies to deliver the intelligence in applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things. ARM® Sensinode™ software provides optimized and secure transport of data from devices of all size to cloud-based service platforms. In addition, our industry leading implementation of OMA Lightweight M2M allows very efficient device management. ARM's Sensinode software can operate across the whole range of TI-based products.

Arrayent logo

Arrayent is an Internet of Things Platform solution provider that is focused on enabling product manufacturers, retailers and service providers to deliver amazing connected experiences to the consumer. The top consumer brands and retail chains have chosen Arrayent because the platform is the most complete, compatible, cost-effective and secure. Universal wireless endpoint and gateway are combined with robust cloud and data service for a solution that brings value to the enterprise while delighting the consumer. The company was founded in 2005 and now ships product and operates services throughout the world.


Exosite is an IOT solutions provider. Companies come to Exosite to unlock the value of their product by helping them connect, store, visualize, remotely monitor, and control their products from anywhere in the world they can access the Internet. Exosite gives developers all the tools they need to be able to connect their device and build widgets around the data being sent to EXOSITE™. The company also offers design services for those who don’t have the technical "know how" to accomplish connecting their products without assistance. It's platform has the ability to scale, whether you’re a hobbyist connecting just one product or a large company looking to connect millions, we have the platform for you. Visit the site to learn which TI products our cloud solution works with.

IBM logo

IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. With operations in more than 170 countries, IBM attracts and retains some of the world's most talented people to help solve problems and provide an edge for businesses, governments and non-profits. Innovation is at the core of IBM's strategy. The company develops and sells software and systems hardware and a broad range of infrastructure, cloud and consulting services. Today, IBM is focused on four growth initiatives - business analytics, cloud computing, growth markets and Smarter Planet.

Spark logo

Spark brings connected products to life. The company provides development tools and services to help designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and OEMs get connected devices up and running. Spark’s platform manages products once they're in customers' hands, and the Spark team brings a breadth of knowledge from both the hardware and software worlds. Perhaps most importantly, Spark understands how hardware and software fit together, empowering clients to create the best connected consumer products. The Spark Core, powered by a 32-bit microcontroller and theTI SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3000 module, is a development kit for R&D teams that makes it extremely easy and inexpensive to develop a connected hardware product. The Core can easily be wired into an existing product or designed into an early prototype. It is not just a module but a comprehensive solution fully integrated with the Spark Cloud.

Thingsquare logo

Thingsquare provides a cloud service for Internet of Things devices based on IPv6 with 6lowpan and IEEE 802.15.4 and the open source Contiki OS. Thingsquare provides solutions for connected devices with customers in a range of markets: smart metering, smart lighting, city networking, connected home devices, and wireless sensors. Thingsquare's system is built on a combination of Thingsquare's revolutionary low-power networking technology and a backend server system. The server backend may be hosted in the cloud or deployed behind your firewall. The Thingsquare cloud service is compatible with the following TI devices: SimpleLink 802.15.4 CC2538 wireless MCU, MSP430™ microcontroller with the SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1120 or CC1101.

Xively logo

The IoT is generating a wealth of business value by empowering companies to engage with their customers and glean operational efficiencies like never before. Xively by LogMeIn enables you to unlock these opportunities by bringing together the platform, services, and partners that make your IoT vision a market reality. Xively Cloud Services™ is a robust, highly scalable, and secure global platform that can be rapidly integrated with SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi solutions from TI. Built on LogMeIn's Gravity infrastructure, Xively's highly-efficient data communications backbone, trust & security engine, and data & directory service is purpose-built for the IoT. Xively Business Services help OEMs, integrators, and enterprises to combine revolutionary cloud-connected devices, elegant mobile & web apps, and comprehensive CRM/ERP systems into fully-integrated IoT solutions. Xively experts tackle the most difficult challenges and work with you each step of the way -- from concept to commercialization.

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