WiLink™ solutions: High-performance Wi-Fi® + dual-mode Bluetooth® / Bluetooth Smart

Performance and low power
Certified and ready to use
Integrated and scalable
100Mbps with lowest power consumption (800uA idle)
Certified modules and pre-integrated software enables fastest time to market
Single-chip multi-combo with pin-to-pin compatible variants. Available in consumer, industrial and automotive grade

Product & software offering

Certified TI WiLink™ modules

Automotive Solutsion

Pre-certified Bluetooth® + Bluetooth Smart combo modules now available

WiLink automotive solutions

WiLink™ 8 Support

Bring high-performance wireless connectivity to automotive infotainment

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WiLink software

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WiLink software packages for quick development

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Texas Instruments WiLink wiki

Get started developing quickly with TI WiLink solutions by visiting the wiki. Here you’ll find demos, code examples and more to help you get your Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth Smart combo solutions to market faster.

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WiLink 8 2.4 GHz COM8 board

Automotive Solutsion

WL1835MODCOM8 is a WL1835-based board for the Sitara™ AM335x evaluation module, as well as  other TI evaluation modules and reference designs

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WiLink 8 5 GHz COM8 board

WiLink™ 8 Support

With support for both 2.5 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands, WL1837MODCOM8 easily enables customers to add both Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth to home and building automation, smart energy, gateways, wireless audio, enterprise, wearables and many more industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Support & additional info

WiLink support

Automotive Solutsion

Ask questions, share knowledge and learn more about WiLink combo solutions.

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WiLink™ 8 Support

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