Overview for ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee PRO)

A longstanding promoter of the ZigBee Alliance, TI is a leading supplier of ZigBee solutions. Unlike many vendors that outsource their ZigBee stack development, TI has a dedicated internal software engineering team that is working on the latest revisions of the ZigBee Pro stack and application profiles.


Key Benefits

  • ZigBee Compliant Platforms certified by a ZigBee Alliance approved test house
  • Free IEEE 802.15.4 MAC software and golden unit ZigBee 2012 protocol stack implementation (Z-Stack™)
  • High-performance radio featuring best-in-class coexistence with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and other 2.4 GHz systems
  • Architecture choice: standalone devices or integrated with TI’s wide processors portfolio
  • Flexible and configurable ZigBee stack
  • Worldwide Technical Support
  • Development kits, tools and reference designs


Product Brochure (PDF, 499KB)


  • Sub-1 GHz & 2.4 GHz Antenna Reference Designs
  • SimpleLink(TM) ZigBee Home Automation Gateway Reference Design
  • Need longer range for low-power 2.4 GHz systems?
  • ZIGBEE Light Link Dev Kit
  • connect more
Smoke detectors sound alarm if fire occurs. Lights turn on at the same time.
Communicates wirelessly with control alarm.
Blinds cand be controlled by simple battery operated devices using a remote control.
Lock/Unlock entrance door using a wireless key. When the door locks, lights can automatically be turned off.
Monitors temperature, humidity and pressure. Waters lawn according to exact requirements saving water and usage costs.
Radiators and temperature sensors maintain ideal tempertaure, saving power and money.
Lighting schemes can be used to easily control all lights in a room.
Monitor and control the network over the internet.
The system can be set up to automatically contact the owner if problems occur.
The remote control enables the user to control all devices in the home. The network will forward messages to nodes that are not within direct range of the remote control.

Complete ZigBee Solutions

Wireless MCUs Co-processor Dual-chip
Benefits small footprint, high integration, low cost flexible, easy to use and reduced time to market ultra low power or high performance
Application CC2530 or CC2538

(MSP430™ MCUs, Tiva™ C Series ARM® MCUs)

(Sitara ARM)
CC253x based co-processors with UART/SPI/USB interface:
  • Stack and application profile
  • Protocol stack
  • MAC only
Protocol stack
Radio CC2520
RF front end (optional) CC2592 CC2592 CC2592

New ZigBee® Network Range Extender TI Design

ZigBee Network Range Extender

Pairs the SimpleLink™ ZigBee CC2530 wireless MCU with the CC2592 range extender.


New ZigBee Home Automation Gateway Reference Design

ZigBee Home Automation Gateway

Integrate ZigBee technology into home gateways, based on BeagleBone Black


NewZ-Stack™ Home

Z-Stack Home Automation

Download TI’s ZigBee® Home Automation (ZHA) compliant protocol stack for CC2530 and CC2538.


NewZigBee Light Link Development Kit

AZigBee Z-Stack Lighting

Easily add feature-rich wireless lighting control to LED products with new remote control!


ZigBee Guide

ZigBee Guide

Learn about our complete solutions and state-of-the-art products.


ConnecTIng Wirelessly Blog

ConnecTIing Wirelessly Blog

Learn from TI experts and customers on how to expand the IoT with from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi.