Scalable Linux, TI-RTOS and Android solutions for TI processors


TI Software Development Kits (SDK) provide operating systems, application examples, training, and documentation to ease and accelerate development. TI SDKs are complemented by a wide range of commercial Linux, RTOS, and Android solutions, as well as a number of optimized peripheral and application-specific libraries.

Processor SDK

The Processor SDK is a next-generation unified software platform for TI’s newest Processor families.

  • Features scalable Linux, TI-RTOS and Android support
  • Includes complete board support packages, documentation, libraries, benchmarks, utilities, and code examples
  • Allows you to seamlessly reuse and migrate software across devices

Processor SDK Linux

Supported features:

  • Long Term Stable (LTS) Mainline Linux kernel support
  • U-Boot community boot loader
  • Robust, commercial-grade Linaro® GNU compiler collection (GCC) toolchain
  • Yocto Project OE Core compatible file systems support enables tailored Linux application support
  • RT-Linux releases include a fully pre-emptible kernel for real-time applications

Processor SDK TI-RTOS

Supported features:

  • Robust real-time TI-RTOS kernel including TCP/IP networking stack
  • Posix thread-compatible API layer available
  • Driver libraries that can be used with TI-RTOS or without a kernel
  • Free and available as open source

Processor SDK Android

Supported features:

  • Based upon Linux Long-Term Stable (LTS) Mainline Linux kernel
  • U-Boot bootloader support
  • Google Android GNU compiler collection (GCC) tool chain
  • Includes a complete application framework
  • Allows for easy integration of customer developed applications via Java
Downloads and technical details
Processor SDK by Platform Linux support RT-Linux support TI-RTOS support Android support

Commercial Linux and Android support

Linux commercial distribution and partners – For additional support or expertise, you can purchase a commercially supported distribution from a TI partner such as Witekio, Mentor Graphics, Canonical, or Wind River.

TI's extensive network of Linux consulting partners offers experience with a broad range of Linux-related software development including training classes, power management, wireless LAN drivers, GUI development and much more.

Wiki – Linux Consultants & Commercial Linux Providers

Whether you are a system integrator, middleware developer or application developer, our partners can assist with streamlining your development cycle to get end products to market quickly.

Android and Windows support – Visit Witekio for commercial Android and Windows support of TI devices

Commercial RTOS support

RTOS offerings from TI Design Network (TIDN) members include memory-protected and middleware-rich solutions such as:

Commercial RTOS support
Third-party RTOS solutions - platforms supported
Provider Product RTOS on ARM® core RTOS on DSP core
eCOScentric eCOS®    
Expresslogic ThreadX    
Green Hills Integrity®, µVelOSity    
Mentor Graphics Nucleus®    
Micrium µC/OS-II, µC/OS-III    
Micro Digital SMX®    
QNX Neutrino®    
Quadros Systems RTXC    
RoweBots Unison    
SEGGER embOS    
Wind River VxWorks®    

Other Linux and SYS/BIOS SDKs such as Linux EZSDKs, Multicore SDK, and OMAP-L138/C6748 SDK

For TI’s existing Processor families, the previous Linux EZSDKs will continue to be available until a family moves into the Processor SDK framework.