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The TI LaunchPad Ecosystem includes easy-to-use and modular hardware, a variety of software options, and many outlets for support, interaction and shared knowledge. This is driven by community-members who make the ecosystem bigger and better by contributing in the form of Energia libraries, BoosterPacks and projects, as well as support, technical guidance, ideas and user assistance.

Feel free to browse TI support forums such as the E2E Community, or check out the latest news and announcements on the social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. Then, head to third-party, community-driven sites such as Energia or 43oh. These resources are supported by passionate members of the community, who can assist you with code examples and libraries, project inspiration and more.

Join us at upcoming Maker Faires and events! These are great ways to show off your projects and meet fellow makers and electronics enthusiasts. Be a part of our growing community.

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43oh is a thriving community-driven forum & blog featuring thousands of active members that continues to expand across the LaunchPad ecosystem. 43oh is an unofficial technical community where you can learn, discover and help others. It features its own blog, store, regular contests, forums, tutorials & more. This forum & blog was awarded the TI Community Highlight Award (January 2016 Winner) to showcase the best Community driven efforts out there and easy to see why so many call it home each and everyday!

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