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This application report describes a 2.4-GHz anti-jamming frequency-hopping system consisting of a designated Transmitter and Receiver, each with distinct functions to avoid RF-channel interference. The Transmitter board emulates the control device (e.g., remote control) by sending commands to be processed on the Receiver side (e.g., TV, stereo, set top box, or gaming console). Since many popular consumer devices use the 2.4-GHz RF spectrum (e.g., cordless phones, wireless routers, microwaves, and PC/Bluetooth® accessories), these systems need to implement a proprietary frequency-hopping scheme in the event that the channel being used by the Transmitter/Receiver pair is already being used by other wireless systems in the vicinity. The specific radio device used for this demo is the TI CC2500 (2.4 GHz) RF transceiver module. The TI portfolio also includes the CC1100 RF transceiver (315/433/868/915-MHz ISM/SRD bands), which shares a common set of configuration registers as those used in the CC2500. This makes it easy to switch between these two RF transceiver devices, so the radio-specific portion of this demo can be used for both types of TI CCxxxx devices.