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Random number generation has a role in a variety of applications, such as cryptography and tamper detection. In digital systems, it becomes difficult to introduce the concept of true randomness as a machine executes code in the sequence it is programed. This introduces the notion of true random number generators (TRNGs) and pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs), also known as deterministic random bit generators (DRBGs). TRNGs use some source of entropy to provide for randomness in the system, while PRNGs rely on a seed to generate a sequence of numbers that can be realized as deterministic (that is, starting with the same seed will produce the same set of numbers). This application report reviews an implementation of a Counter Mode Deterministic Random Byte Generator (CTR-DRBG) on MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69xx microcontrollers (MCUs). A C code implementation along with an example of its use can be found in FRAM Utilities.