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The MSP430 bootloader (BSL) allows a host MCU to communicate with embedded memory in the MSP430 microcontroller (MCU). The host can access the programmable memory (flash memory), the data memory (RAM), and in FRAM devices, the nonvolatile FRAM memory. The host MCU can access the memory of the target MSP430 MCU during the prototyping phase, final production, and in service (field software updates). This application report uses the SimpleLink MSP432P401R, CC3220, and CC2640R2F devices as the hosts for the BSL communication with the target MSP430 devices. Both flash-based and FRAM-based MSP430 MCUs are used in this report to showcase the differences between their BSLs. Software examples are provided for each of the SimpleLink host MCUs. The software examples also make use of the SimpleLink Software Development Kit (SDK), making it easy to port the examples to other SimpleLink devices.

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