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The TMS470 family of ARM7(TM) microcontrollers contains an analog watchdog (AWD). The AWD operation is described in the TMS470R1 System Module Reference Guide (SPNU189), and how to set up the AWD is described in the Analog Watchdog Resistor, Capacitor, and Discharge Interval Selection Constraints application report (SPNA089). The digital watchdog (DWD) is described in the TMS470R1 Digital Watchdog Reference Guide (SPNU244). This application report is focused on the AWD and, therefore, it should be considered an addendum to the two AWD documents; specifically, highlighting how to determine if the TMS470 has an internal pulldown within the AWD. This document also references a spreadsheet to calculate the analog watchdog resistor and capacitor values based on the desired AWD period.

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