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The TMS320x28xx series of Microcontrollers/Digital Signal Controllers feature an on-chip enhanced Controller Area Network (eCAN) module. This module is a full-CAN controller, compliant with CAN specification 2.0B. This application report contains several programming examples, supplemental to those in C2000Ware/controlSUITE, to illustrate how the eCAN module is set up for different modes of operation. The objective is to help you come up to speed quickly in programming the eCAN. All programs have been extensively commented to aid easy understanding.

The code examples were tested on a TMS320F28335 device; however, the examples can be easily adapted to run on any C2000 device that features the eCAN module. Most of the examples need CAN-B (the second CAN node) for operation. For parts that have only one CAN module (CAN-A), a second (external) CAN node is needed to emulate the function of CAN-B. This requirement can be met by any CAN bus analysis tool. Many inexpensive USB-bus based CAN bus analysis tools are currently available. These tools provide visibility to the CAN bus traffic and are also capable of generating CAN bus frames and are an invaluable aid in debugging CAN issues. An oscilloscope with built-in CAN bus triggering/decoding is a vital debugging aid as well.

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