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MSP430 Software Ecosystem

Microcontroller software development ecosystem for MSP430. Microcontroller code generation tools, GUI-based peripheral configuration & high level driver libraries & APIs. MSP430 offers everything you need to push you beyond "Hello World". Happy coding!

- MSP430 Team



TI's Code Composer Studio- Eclipse-based
- Free up to 16kB
- Integrates MSP430-specific tools such as MSP430Ware, ULP Advisor & Grace



IAR Embedded Workbench - Free code-limited version available
- Up-to-date device support

Open Source MSPGCC- Free, community-driven compiler
- Complements the open source
debugger, MSPDEBUG
- Supports up to 64kB.
CPUx support coming soon
for larger memory.

*Free code-limited & time-limited options are available for Code Composer Studio and IAR's Embedded Workbench.

MSP430Ware. Everything you need to become an MSP430 expert.
A collection of code examples,
datasheets, user's guides and the
brand new MSP430 Driver Library

Traditional C and assembly code examples. For all 400+ MSP430 devices!
Code Examples
Hundreds of code examples for all
MSP430 devices and peripherals.

Available in C and assembly.

Grace. GUI-based I/O & Peripheral configuration tool for MSP430F2 & G2 series devices
Meet Grace
Enable peripherals with
a single click.
Interactive elements for
peripheral configuration.
Generates fully-commented easy-to-read C code.

USB Developer's Package. Get connected with USB on MSP430F5 and F6 series
Texas Instruments'
USB Developer's Package
Everything you need to get up and running with
USB on MSP430:

  • MSP430 API Code Stacks
  • Windows HID API
  • GUI-based USB Descriptor Tool

RF Software Tools. Cut the cable with RF on all MSP430 devices
suite of
 RF Software Tools
Add wireless to your application with ease:

  • GUI-based SmartRF Studio 7
  • Packet Sniffers
  • RF Spectrum Analyzers
  • RF Stacks for various protocols

Get Real. Pre-emptive & deterministic timing with Real-Time Operating Systems
RTOS  Many RTOS options are
 available for MSP430:

  • FreeRTOS™
  • Micrium uC/OS-II™
  • embOS
  • TinyOS
  • CMX-Tiny™
  • QP™
  • Salvo™
  • DioneOS
  • More!

Command-line Programmer. Flash memory without an IDE
MSP430 Flasher

Open-source, shell-based interface for programming MSP430 devices via JTAG or Spy Bi-Wire.

Download binary files (.txt/.hex) directly into MSP430
devices without an IDE.

MSP430 Bootstrap Loader. Read/write to memory over various protocols

The BSL is software inside of MSP430 devices that
enables reading and writing into memory, primarily
for programming purposes. UART, I2C, USB & RF
BSL are available on MSP430, among others.

Learn how to create your own custom BSL.

MSP430 Debug Stack. Open Source DLL and firmware for MSP430 hardware tools
MSP Debug Stack

Open Source Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
embedded firmware that enables MSP430
microcontrollers to interface to PCs for
downloading code, stepping through code,
setting breakpoints, and more.

ULP Advisor. Squeeze every last nanoamp out of your ULP application
MSP430 ULP Advisor

ULP (Ultra-Low Power) Advisor analyzes your code
against a set of ultra-low-power rules.

Be notified of any areas within your project that can
be improved resulting in better power consumption
and longer battery life.

Open Source. Removing the barriers to innovation
MSP430 Open
Source Projects

Code editiors
Bootstrap Loader
Hardware Design Files
Code examples & stacks.