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controlSUITE™ Software

A comprehensive software platform for all your needs. Begin with device-specific peripheral configuration packs, which contain the baseline software and examples for you to hit the ground running. When you're ready to harness C2000's abilities in a real application, simply add the application libraries or system examples.

Run our smart installer and pick the packages you would like to use. All dependencies will be automatically selected, downloaded and installed.

Visit the pre-controlSUITE software page for CCSv3.3 software.

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Looking deeper into controlSUITE's contents, you can see how it's a comprehensive top-down set of software and software tools to guide development from beginning to end

Device Support

Hardware abstraction to get you started quickly regardless of application. These packages are family-specific.

Bit Field Headers: Complete control

With controlSUITE's peripheral configuration pack, flipping bits is a thing of the past. Combined with short, simple examples demonstrating every peripheral and a starter's guide with tutorials and tips, this pack is the foundation for all of C2000 software. These header files provide a bit-field approach to access the peripheral registers, eliminating the need for error-prone tasks like bit masking. Use intuitive names to access every feature available in our award-winning peripherals.

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Math Library

The foundation library contains commonly used math primitives, such as trig functions, sqrt, and more. The library contains three sets of such functions: fixed-point optimized, floating-point optimized, and CLA optimized.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Libraries

C2000 Signal Processing Libraries include filter and Fourier Transform algorithms in both fixed-point and floating-point optimized versions.

Application Libraries

With controlSUITE's application development software, background setup and algorithm development time is significantly reduced, allowing customers to focus on giving their products the competitive edge.

  • Digital Motor Control Library

    The Motor Control Software Library is for engineers working to develop digital motor control solutions with the TMS320F28xxx microcontrollers. The motor control libraries are composed of independent software modules created in optimized C and comes fully documented.

    Learn more about digital motor control at the C2000 Motor Control Solutions page.

    The digital motor control library includes:

    • Transforms & Estimators
      • Clarke, Park, SMObserver, Phase Voltage, Resolver, Flux, Speed Calculators and Estimators
    • Control
      • Signal Generation, PID, BEMF Commutation, Space Vector Generators
    • Peripheral Drivers
      • Support for different modes and topologies
      • ADC, PWM, Encoders, Sensor Captures
  • Digital Power Library

    The Digital Power Software Library is for engineers working to develop digitally-controlled power supplies with the TMS320F28xxx microcontrollers. The library is composed of independent software modules created in optimized C and comes fully documented.

    Learn more about digital power with TI solutions at www.ti.com/digitalpower.

    The digital power library includes:

    • Math Algorithms
      • Control 2-pole / 2-zero, Control 3-pole / 3-zero, Inverse Square, Exponential Moving Avg, Current Command, data logger
    • Drivers
      • Full Bridge, 2-phase interleaved PFC, Buck, Phase Shifted Full Bridge, ADC
    • Versions optimized for C28x core and CLA.


  • Flash API
    These Flash programming functions enable integrated flash programming. It can be used for field re-programming or calibration data storage. Take a look at the Ecosystem tab to find useful 3rd party tools and GUIs for Flash programming.
  • Boot ROM Source Code
    The Boot ROM source code is available for review to aid in debugging.

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Application Kit Packages

Kit Software

  • Software Examples
    Complete software examples are available with each development kit. For device evaluation kits, these consist of simple example code and projects. For application kits, many technologies are demonstrated.
  • System Framework
    Device evaluation kits contain a framework that allows coders to directly jump into creating code. This eliminates the need to re-create time-consuming portions of initial development, such as GPIO mappings and task management state machines.

    Application Kits contain even more sophisticated frameworks. For example, software for digital motor control kits use incremental builds. By sub-dividing complicated code into incremental build levels, this framework allows verification of a system one block at a time and simultaneously improves readability and software learnability.
  • Hardware Schematics
    With the full source code, bill of materials, hardware schematics, and hardware layouts, C2000 hardware kits kits were provide an excellent starting point for application development.
  • Independently Executable Demonstration GUIs
    Each application kit contains an executable demonstration interface to show the kit in action. Instantly evaluate C2000 devices and view firsthand the benefits and capabilities they bring.

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Debug and Software Tools

Software tools to minimize your development time - from TI's IDE and RTOS to 3rd party modeling and simulation tools

  • Code Composer Studio v4
    The new Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) is the integrated development environment for TI's DSPs, microcontrollers and application processors. CCStudio includes a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes compilers for each of TI's device families, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, simulators and many other features. CCStudio provides a single user interface taking users through each step of the application development flow. Familiar tools and interfaces allow users to get started faster than ever before and add functionality to their application thanks to sophisticated productivity tools.

    For free versions of CCSv4, download the XDS100 edition (TMDSCCS-HWN01A) for free use with XDS100 emulators, or the MCU edition (TMDFCCS-MCULTD) for code-limited use with all TI MCUs.

  • C2000 Integrated Development Environments
    IDE Part Number Description XDS100 Emulator Support Trial Version Full Version
    Code Composer Studio v4 CCS-FREE Eclipse based IDE compatible with all TI MCUs and DSPs. controlSUITE compatible XDS100 V1
    XDS100 V2.
    Unlimited with XDS100 emulator (32KB limit without XDS100) $445
    Code Composer Studio v3.3 TMDSCCS2000-1 Legacy version of CCS. Native support for F281x, F280x, F2833x, F2823x, F2802x, and F2803x families. Not controlSUITE compatible XDS100 V1 32-KB Limited $495
  • DSP BIOS (Kernal/RTOS) – Included with CCStudio
    TI's DSP/BIOS(TM) kernel is a scalable real-time multi-tasking kernel. Together with its associated networking, microprocessor-DSP communications, and driver modules, DSP/BIOS provides a solid foundation for even the most sophisticated DSP applications. DSP/BIOS has been proven in thousands of customer designs and is one of the world's mostly widely used real-time operating systems. DSP/BIOS requires no runtime license fees and is backed by Texas Instruments' worldwide training and support organizations.
  • Real-time Debug – Included with CCStudio
    Traditional debugging approaches (Stop Mode) require that programmers completely halt their system which stops all threads and prevents interrupts from being handled, which makes debugging extremely difficult if the system/application has real-time constraints. Real Time Mode debug support provides a better gauge of real-world system behavior by enabling programmers to halt and examine the application while allowing user specified time critical interrupts to be handled.
  • 3rd Party Code Generation Tools
  • 3rd Party Modeling and Simulation Tools
  • Other Software Tools

  • The C2000 ecosystem features many other software tools, including Flash programming interfaces.

    Visit the pre-controlSUITE software page for CCSv3.3 software.

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