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Texas Instruments
Product Announcements
Introducing the industry’s lowest power NFC device

Ideal for infrastructure devices, the new TRF7970A extends battery life up to two times longer than competitive products, as it provides eight selectable power modes ranging from <1 µA in power-down mode to 120 mA in full-power mode. The transceiver comes with easy-to-configure software to help developers get started quickly.

Tool and Software Updates
SYS/BIOS RTOS is now available for MSP430™ MCU devices!

SYS/BIOS is a real-time operating system that supports many of TI’s embedded processors enabling improved code re-use, deterministic timing and preemptive threads. In addition, with new support for MSP430 MCUs, SYS/BIOS takes full advantage of the MSP430 MCU’s ultra-low power performance with new features including clock tick suppression and improved interrupt handling.

Kickstart your Value Line/2xx embedded application without writing a line of code

Now you can visually configure MSP430™ MCU peripherals with the Grace™ software plugin for CCS. Enable and configure ADCs, DACs, timers, clocks, serial communication modules and more, by navigating buttons, drop-down menus, and text fields. Grace generates fully-commented C code that is inserted directly into your active Code Composer Studio™ IDE project. Quicken your time to market with Grace today!

Concerto™ F28M35x Technical Reference Manual

This manual details the integration, environment, functional description, and the programming models for each peripheral and subsystem in the F28M35x Microcontrollers.

Migrating from the MSP430F2xx family to the MSP430FR57xx family

This application report enables easy migration from MSP430F2xx Flash-based MCUs to the MSP430FR57xx family FRAM-based MCU. It covers programming, system and peripheral considerations when migrating firmware. The purpose is to highlight differences between the two families. For more information on the usage of the MSP430FR57xx features, see the MSP430FR57xx Family User’s Guide. Although the MSP430F2xx family is used as an example, similar considerations apply when migrating from MSP430F1xx/4xx families as well.

Implementing a thermocouple interface with ADC12_A

This application report shows how to implement a single-chip thermocouple interface. The thermocouple interfaces with the MSP430F5529’s integrated 12-bit analog/digital converter (ADC12_A) through an operational amplifier circuit. The MSP430™ MCU encodes the thermocouple readings into a digital value, converts them to temperature, and stores them in memory.

PWM DAC using MSP430™ MCU high-resolution Timer_D

This application report focuses on achieving increased DAC performance by using the MSP430 Timer_D high-resolution mode. It also discusses PWM DAC design considerations, duty-cycle limitations of the Timer_D high-resolution mode and its effects on the PWM DAC performance, and supply-voltage drift compensation in PWM DAC applications.

Third Parties and Community Projects
Simma Software offers high-performance communication stacks for TMS570 MCUs

Simma Software has released a host of communication stacks specifically optimized for TI’s TMS570 Transportation and Safety Microcontrollers. Simma Software offers extremely high-performance SAE J1939 and ISO 15765 communication stacks that support data throughput rates of 25 Mbps. There is also a high-performance CAN open protocol stack available that supports data throughput of 20Mbps.

LED coffee table busts a multicolored move

This colorful grid is actually a table top brought to you by way of the MSP430™ microcontroller, and it knows how to get down. The table is made up of 128 frosted glass cubes, each capable of emitting 16 million colors. Its creators also produced a special beat-detection software, that could very easily have your furniture outshining the bumpers and grinders at your next party. If you’re looking for a little extra something from your coffee table, you can find full build instructions on Engadget!

CardioDroid based on the MSP430™ LaunchPad

Learn about the TI-powered heart rate monitor fully equipped with Bluetooth communication to communicate heart rates to an Android phone wirelessly. This coop-driven project offers a universal way for any TI processor to interface with the Android OS and provides the framework for customers to expand development for countless wireless applications.

TI MCUs in the news
TI’s MSP430 FRAM microcontroller eases wireless sensor power requirements – Engineering TV
TI’s highly integrated Piezo haptic driver sports ultra-fast startup time, wide driving capabilities – EE Times
LED coffee table busts a multicolored move – Engadget
Stellaris 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth wireless kit – Engineering TV
Texas Instruments unveils Stellaris 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth wireless kit –
Texas Instruments launches Bluetooth development kit – Urgent Communications
TI pairs ARM Cortex-M3 and DSP cores on single chip – EDN Europe
Texas Instruments boosts long-term R&D with Kilby Labs – Dallas Morning News
Holding data without power – R&D Mag

TRF7970A NFC transceiver speeds designs
Stellaris® 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth® Wireless Kit
Introduction to SYS/BIOS
SYS/BIOS Hardware Interrupts
TI Deals

Introducing TI Deals! A cool new way to get discounted tools and kits from TI!

On August 16, Texas Instruments launched TI Deals to give designers the chance to score great savings on easy to use development tools and kits. Right now, we’re offering 50% off the eZ430-Chronos wireless watch development tool for only $24.50, plus free shipping from the TI eStore. This deal is only available for a limited time. On August 30, we will reveal the next great TI Deal, so act fast! Head over to to get started today!

TI touch technology portal is now online

Interested in what TI has to offer for touch technologies? Check out the new touch products web site where you’ll find information spanning all of our touch solution product lines. Learn about emerging technologies such as haptics, cool solutions for buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity, featuring the world’s lowest power MSP430™ microcontroller as well as touch screen control with our TSC product line. Visit now to find the products and design support you need to get your touch-related application to market fast.

TI achieves certification of ZigBee® Alliance’s Smart Energy™ 1.1 profile implementation

Following the ZigBee Alliance’s July 20 introduction of this updated profile for home area networks (HAN), TI has released its new Z-Stack™ 2.5.0 with support for the SE 1.1 profile. TI’s new Z-Stack™ 2.5.0 will help developers easily, efficiently unleash a wider range of interoperable, consumer-friendly home area network products and applications such as industrial monitoring and control, smart metering, building automation and more. Z-Stack 2.5.0 with Smart Energy 1.1 is available royalty-free to all using TI’s ZigBee-compliant hardware platforms. For more information, visit

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Have you made the switch to a TI microcontroller?

Post a narrative in the E2E Community on how you became a TI “Make-The-Switch” Microcontroller success story and you will be entered into our monthly drawing of prizes!

MSP430™ Launchpad Rocket Launcher Video!

Check out the new “Another Geek Moment” video from DigiKey, featuring a CC430 wireless low power development kit and the MSP430 Launchpad development kit with Capacitive Touch Booster Pack. This is just another example of the cool projects you can develop with the easy-to-use tools for MSP430 microcontrollers.

Upcoming events and training
Sick of compromising between connectivity and real-time control?

Then you can’t miss the last Texas Instruments Embedded Series event sponsored by Arrow Electronics on September 15th. During the 90-minute webinar, TI experts will discuss the use cases and design challenges of developing connected industrial control applications, while featuring TI’s new C2000™ Concerto™ MCUs. Attendees will receive FREE CCSv4 software (valued at $500) with the purchase of a C2000 tool. Register now!

Concerto™ MCU Training

Take the 11-part online training series to learn all the technical information about the platform, the subsystems, memory configurations, system/clocking/power architecture, software and development environment, and much more.

TMS570 Functional Safety Seminars and Training Workshops in EMEA

Manufacturers of safety critical systems are confronted with functional safety directives like IEC61508 and ISO26262 and need to address the requirements in their product. The TI TMS570 1 Day Safety Seminar provides an overview of the applicable standards and directives for safety critical applications. In addition, attendees see how the ARM® Cortex™-R4F based TMS570 family of microcontrollers can be easily used in the implementation of a safety critical system.

The 3 Day Course, Safety Critical Design and Programming with ARM® Cortex™-R4F based TMS570 MCUs, provides a more in depth look at functional safety and the TMS570 family of MCUs. This class features several hands on labs using the TMS570 USB Development Stick Kit.

Avnet is hosting a Chronos Watch Design Workshop in nearly 40 cities!

Avnet Electronics and Texas Instruments will be demonstrating wireless capabilities using TI’s eZ430-Chronos wireless watch development kit. This latest series of SpeedWay Design Workshops™ are being held in nearly 40 cities throughout North America. Each attendee will get a Chronos watch. Find the session nearest you! Only $25 to attend.

Power On with C2000™ MCUs

This training video describes how to get started with TI’s phase shifted full bridge based isolated DC-DC converter kit. A Piccolo™ microcontroller is used to implement peak current mode control and voltage mode control for this power stage.

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