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Product Announcements
TI introduces new SafeTI™ design packages

Hercules™ ARM® Cortex™-R4 RM42 and RM46 safety microcontrollers for medical, industrial and energy applications.

Accelerate safety-critical design development with new SafeTI™ functional safety design packages from Texas Instruments.

Tool and Software Updates
More microcontroller motor control evaluation kits to choose from

Four new compatible motor control kits are now available that spin three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors in minutes. Developers can now scale their product lines using TI’s broad portfolio of MCUs ranging from 16-bit ultra-low-power MSP430™ devices to 32-bit ARM®-based, floating-point Hercules™ safety and Stellaris® MCU solutions. All four kits are part of a robust and growing ecosystem that provides all of the hardware, software and documentation necessary to get motors spinning out of the box in minutes.

MSP430 DRV8312-430FR-KIT motor control kit
Hercules DRV8301-LS31-KIT (TMS570) and DRV8301-RM48-KIT (RM4x) safe motor control kits
Stellaris DK-LM4F-DRV8312 motor control kit

Pre-order the Stellaris LaunchPad at $4.99!

We are now accepting pre-orders for the Stellaris LaunchPad at the promotional price of $4.99 USD. Order your kit now through the TI eStore and your Stellaris LaunchPad will be ready to ship when we start accepting regular orders on September 25! Be one of the first to get your hands on the industry’s lowest priced ARM Cortex-M4 based evaluation kit. Place your order now!

TI-RTOS: A no-cost, TI-supported RTOS solution for Stellaris® and Concerto™ MCUs

TI-RTOS is a deterministic, scalable real-time operating system that builds on the SYSBIOS real-time kernel and StellarisWare® and controlSUITE™ software middleware and peripheral libraries. TI-RTOS provides TCP/IP, USB host and device, a FAT file system, and drivers all completely integrated and tested in a multithreaded environment to enable engineers to begin development right out-of-the-box. For Concerto developers, TI-RTOS provides low-overhead communication mechanisms between the ARM® Cortex™-M3 and C28x cores, enabling developers to easily exchange command-and-control or data buffers. TI-RTOS is fully integrated with the Code Composer Studio™ IDE. It is available at no charge and is royalty-free.

Delivering solutions for tomorrow’s gas, water heat metering systems

gas, water heat metering systems
A leading innovator in energy management, communication and control for the Smart Grid, TI’s microcontroller, wireless connectivity, and power management portfolio for gas, water, and heat meters help developers create secure, cost-effective, and power-efficient solutions for the Smart Grid. Explore TI’s latest gas/water/flow meter design and support solution.

Like the idea of FRAM but need to know more?

Get a free book today from Mouser! FRAM is a new memory technology, and it can do a lot of amazing things at lower power than traditional non-volatile memories. Also, it is a unified memory that behaves like static RAM yet maintains unlimited write cycles and complete memory retention without power supplied. How does it do this? Find out the answers to these questions and more with a FREE book from Buy an FRAM Experimenter’s Kit while you are there!

Enter to win $5,000 and become the Wearable Technologies Innovator of the year!

Innovation World Cup 2012 The Innovation World Cup 2012 has now kicked-off and is this year focusing on the best products, applications and ideas for Wearable Technologies. During the competition, TI is offering a 50% discount to the first 200 registrants who choose to work with one of our featured kits; CC85XXDK-HEADSET, CC2540DK-Mini, CC2530ZDK-ZNP-Mini, CC110L RF Booster Pack, and the eZ430-RF256x. So hurry up and register for a chance to win $5,000 and become the Wearable Technologies Innovator of the year!

C implementation of cryptographic algorithms

This application report discusses the implementations of the AES, DES, TDES, and SHA-2 cryptographic algorithms written in the C programming language. These software cryptographic solutions were made for devices without hardware acceleration for these algorithms. All code was tested and benchmarked on the MSP430™ platform using IAR as the compiler tool.

White paper: Bringing intelligence to LED lighting applications

As the lighting industry continues to make the transition to LED technology, there is an increasing need for more intelligent controllers and drivers. The rising price of electricity presents a major operating cost to consumers and businesses; however, efficient operation of LEDs can result in substantial savings. This white paper details how to bring intelligence into many LED lighting applications.

White paper: Developing a multi-channel wireless inductive charger

This paper outlines the basics of the technology, and how we can accomplish a multiple pad charging device using a single, low-cost TI C2000™ Piccolo™ microcontroller. The advantage of a microcontroller-based solution can be realized through the flexibility of both the power stage design and communications protocols that are enabled, as well as the number of charging pads that can be controlled through a single device.

White paper: Implementing arc detection in solar applications

This paper focuses on implementing arc detection in solar applications, the technology applies to other electrical applications where high voltages are involved, such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

Hercules™ RM4 ARM® Safety MCUs

This product bulletin provides an overview of the Hercules RM4 family of microcontrollers with scalable performance and memory options for a wide variety of safety-critical medical, industrial and energy applications.

SafeTI™ system design packages for functional safety

This product bulletin details the SafeTI™ functional safety design packages which manage both systematic and random failures, enabling customers to design their functional safety systems.

Microcontrollers in Flow Meters

With TI’s MSP430™ ultra-low-power microcontrollers, designers are given several design options to differentiate and to drive innovation with their meter designs. In addition to sensing, data-logging, processing and communications support, the MSP430 family enables rapid development for next-generation gas, water and heat meter systems.

Introduction to SimpleLink™ Wireless Connectivity Solutions for MCUs
Product Family Overview for SimpleLink™ Wireless Connectivity Solutions for MCUs

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