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Texas Instruments

Product Announcements
High precision and Integration with MSP430F66x

TI is dedicated to helping people live a better life by driving innovation and enabling portable medical equipment with the best integrated solutions. With the newly released F66xx series, TI leverages its expertise in microcontrollers and analog products to offer a wide array of embedded technologies ideal for use in home portable medical applications such as diagnostic and therapy devices featuring light displays, USB and 12-bit converters, along with a variety of consumer memory intensive applications.

MSP430F532x and F534x are available now

The F532x / F534x MCU series features high precision 12-bit ADC powered by TI’s lowest power 16-bit core. These devices are well suited for cost-sensitive applications including consumer electronics and portable measurement for industrial sensing, health and fitness applications, as well as a broad range of others. These devices are offered as scalable solutions to other MSP430F5xxx and MSP430F6xxx devices, making applications upgrades easy.

Check out the new motor control blog on TI’s e2e Community!

Visit TI’s e2e to find articles and other postings authored by TI’s Motor Solutions experts. Here you will find methods and support for getting your design to market faster, driving motor effectiveness, and controlling costs in the most energy efficient system solutions available today.

Learn why our "Make The Switch to TI MCUs" October winner Cheng Pang switched from STM32 to TI’s Stellaris® MCU

"… (I) chose STM32F107 at first. Although I could finish the job, it took me quite a time to get used to it and I was not very satisfied by its performance. Suddenly, one month ago, I switched to Stellaris LM3S9B96, and the only word is WOW!" Read more about Pang’s story.

Tell us your story on how you made the switch to a Texas Instruments microcontroller for a chance to win a prize. First, join or sign in to TI’s E2E community here. Then tell your own success story by starting a new post in this forum. And if you haven’t switched yet, click here to learn quickly how to make the switch today!

New Literature, app notes and guides
Smart Grid Quick Reference Guides

Smart Energy Profile Solutions (slyt432.pdf, 402KB) Download
Introducing TI’s complete WMBus solution (slyt433.pdf, 97KB) Download
MSP430AFE2x3 single-phase energy meter IC (slyt428.pdf, 583KB) Download

Third parties
Automotive solution for wired communication between charging stations and plug-in electric vehicles features TI power line communication technology

Cygnus Electronics has leveraged TI technology to develop a new automotive solution that offers the most evolved evaluation module for testing and enabling power line communications (PLC) for plug-in electric vehicles. Auto-rem is a narrowband communications solution that connects electric vehicles to electric vehicle supply equipments (EVSEs) over the J1772 pilot wire. It offers plug-and-play DC messaging and provides a direct interface to automotive CAN connections.

Learn more about auto-rem and other TI Smart Grid Solutions.

High Speed USB Development Tool with MSP430 FRAM Microcontroller

DLP Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the new DLP-2232MSPF high-speed USB module based on FTDI’s FT2232H and the Texas Instruments MSP430FR5739 FRAM microcontroller. This module features the simplicity of a two-wire serial interface (running at 921,600 baud) connecting the FTDI FT2232H to the new Texas Instruments FRAM microcontroller to form a rapid development tool.

Tool and Software Updates
MSP430Ware, featuring Driver Library is now in beta!

In the latest installment of CCSv5.1, MSP430Ware is now available. MSP430Ware is an intuitive GUI for navigating MSP430-related resources, including code examples, datasheets, user guides and the brand new MSP430 Driver Library. MSP430Ware also auto-updates over the web, ensuring that developers have the latest and greatest MSP430-related resources. With MSP430Ware, developers can access all documentation from one window and import code examples directly into CCS. Packaged within MSP430Ware is the MSP430 Driver Library, which is an abstracted API for easily interfacing and programming MSP430 MCUs without traditional bit-wise programming.

Grace™ 1.1 now available

Packaged within Code Composer Studio™ IDE v5.1 is the latest version of Grace, a GUI-based code generation tool for MSP430F2xx/G2xx devices. By navigating the GUI, developers can generate fully-commented C code for enabling and configuring integrated peripherals such as ADCs, OpAmps, Timers, Clocks and other modules. With this update, Grace adds further support for new peripherals including SD16, ADC12 & DAC12. Advanced OpAmp modes have also been added. In addition, a huge collection of Grace project templates have been incorporated into MSP430Ware!

Sub-1GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer

The MSP-SA430-SUB1GHZ Spectrum Analyzer is a CC430-based tool for jumpstarting RF development in the sub-1GHz frequency range. This full-featured spectrum analyzer allows users to monitor up to four traces simultaneously, set markers for easy measurement readings and is configurable to show continuous sweeps or single snapshots. In addition to the hardware tool, this kit also comes with a free, open source GUI that can be configured to show grids, customizable labels and other options. It also has the ability to take screen captures of your measurements. This full-featured spectrum analyzer is available for just $249!

CC110L-based Sub-1GHz RF BoosterPack for LaunchPad

The CC110L AIR BoosterPack is a low-power wireless transceiver extension module for use with the TI MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad development kit. Based on the CC110L device, the on-board A110LR09A radio module with integrated antenna operates in the European 868-870MHz and US 902-928MHz ISM bands. The included AIR BoosterPack software application, called AIR BoosterStack, demonstrates an example sensor network as well as network status reporting.

Upcoming events and training
MSP430 RTOS – SYS/BIOS online training now available

SYS/BIOS provides a wide range of system services to an embedded application such as preemptive multitasking, memory management and real-time analysis. Because SYS/BIOS can be used in such a wide variety of different microprocessors with very different processing and memory constraints, it was designed to be highly configurable. Take the online training today to learn how SYS/BIOS can kickstart your application development today!

TI MCUs in the news
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