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Texas Instruments
Product announcements
CC430 technology platform

The all new CC430 combines leading MSP430™ microcontroller and low power RF technology bringing personal and industrial wireless networking to the mass market with more options and new devices.

TI MCUs in the news
Kit enables development of smart grid systems – ElectronicsTalk
Transforming Circuit Board Into Robot – Electronic Design
Robot kit brings fun to MCU evaluation – EE Times
Watteco Teams with Texas Instruments –
Collaboration develops MCUs with ISO26262 automotive safety conformance –
Dallas teens invent alarm that could save young lives – WFAA
Harvesting Energy for Low-Power Devices – Design News
Dev kits handle RFID, low-power RF, ZigBee – Electronic Products
MCU features 0.9-V operation – Electronic Products

IQmath library demo for microcontrollers
Discover the benefits of MSP430F5xx ultra-low-power microcontrollers
Introducing the MSP430 0.9-V Microcontroller
Stellaris for wireless connectivity solutions

IP smart grid solution features TI’s MSP430™ MCUs

Watteco and TI are working together to develop an embedded multi-chip solution initially targeted at SmartPlug applications for HOMES collaborative innovation program in France. Learn more. Also, learn more about TI Smart Metering Solutions at
C2000™ controlSUITE™ software: EASY design support in one installation!

TI’s controlSUITE software for C2000 real-time microcontrollers provides all MCU development collateral in a simple graphical interface that is always up to date. The controlSUITE software supports the Piccolo™ and Delfino™ families of C2000 real-time MCUs and provides easy access to all C2000 software, hardware, documentation and training. Download FREE controlSUITE now!
Stellaris® Photo Contest – How far can you go with Stellaris?

We want to see where your journey will take you! Take a photo of your token in a unique and picturesque location, and then upload that photo for your chance to win a Stellaris DK-LM3S9B96 development kit and a 1 year license of the Keil RealView® Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK). All it takes is for you to register, generate your personal token key chain and then submit your photo. One winner a month will be announced. Get started now.
Introduction to Embedded Systems – A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach

Drs. Edward Lee and Sanjit Kumar of UC Berkeley have now published a book intended for students at the advanced undergraduate level or the introductory graduate level, and for practicing engineers and computer scientists who wish to understand the engineering principles of embedded systems. You can download a copy for free or print on demand in hardcover only for the time being. This book features links to their course and labs and exercises featuring the Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M3 tools from Texas Instruments.
New Stellaris teaching materials from Dream Catcher

Written by professors Koo Voon Chet, Nicholas Vun and Hor Poh Jin in Malaysia, this material contains nine lectures and labs with code and screenshots, in C or Assembly, for the Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M3 product family. The material covers topics from describing the basic embedded processing concepts up through interrupt programming, Operating systems, addressing and memory structure and much more. Download now!

Choose the perfect microcontroller to complement your analog system solution at
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Vote for TI’s microcontrollers, nominated for the ECN 2010 Reader’s Choice Tech Awards. You can vote for the MSP430™ MCU Value Line and the LaunchPad tool by visiting this link where MSP430 is listed in the Embedded Systems category.

Peripheral of the Month
16-bit Sigma-Delta

The MSP430-SD16 is an integrated analog peripheral in a microcontroller. Features include: high resolution, differential inputs and ability to accept negative voltages, includes a programmable gain amplifier and has accurate internal reference.

New literature, app notes, guides
Selection Guide: Smart Metering

Download your key to smart meter solutions and learn more about TI’s smart metering solutions at
Datasheet: Ultra-low noise, low-dropout linear regulators

The TPS796xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-power linear voltage regulators features high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), ultra-low-noise, fast start-up, and excellent line and load transient responses.
Datasheet: 1.5A low-dropout linear regulator

The TPS74801 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator provides an easy-to-use robust power management solution for a wide variety of applications.
User’s Guide: TMS320C2000 Motor Control Primer

In this user’s guide, a number of introductory-level digital motor control methodologies and laboratory tools are presented. These tools help engineers learn how to easily construct their own systems using TI provided device drivers, APIs, utilities and libraries.
App Note: Piccolo™ MCU CAN module operation using the on-chip zero-pin oscillator
CAN protocol imposes rather stringent requirements on its timing source, which are generally met by the provision of an external quartz crystal/oscillator even if there is an on-chip oscillator. C2000™'s Piccolo microcontrollers have an on-chip zero-pin oscillator that can be configured to meet these stringent needs without any external components.

Tool and software updates
Need the precision of floating point on fixed point C2000™ and Stellaris® microcontrollers?

TI’s free IQmath Library now supports both the 32-bit C2000 and Stellaris MCU platforms. It significantly speeds development and addresses the limitations of fixed-point math by eliminating time-consuming scaling and saturation burdens. View the demo and download yours today!
New PLC Development Kit

TI lowers the barrier to entry for power line communications with a new development kit and software library plcSUITE™, the industry’s only power line communications modem supporting multiple modulations and protocol standards on a single hardware platform. Learn more about TI PLC solutions.
Stellaris EvalBot makes robotics easy

The newest Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M3 microcontroller kit is actually a small, circular robot! This great little development tool comes with everything you need to prototype USB, Ethernet, CAN, and wirelessly enabled applications, including an OLED screen, MicroSD card slot, USB host, debug, and device capabilities and a small buzzer. And, it comes on two wheels so that you can make your application mobile. You can purchase the bot alone for $149 or with the Micrium µC-OS III textbook bundled as well for $199.
$4.30 MSP430 LaunchPad Kit for Value Line devices

Introducing the industry’s lowest cost microcontroller development kit enabling on-board prototyping, debugging and programming. Easily launch designs and do more for less, with the Value Line series of MSP430™ microcontrollers that deliver 16-bit performance and ultra-low power at 8-bit price.

Upcoming events and training
New on-demand MCU trainings available!

Interested in digital power, LED lighting or motor control? Want to know about MSP430™ MCU Value Line, C2000™ controlSUITE software, or Stellaris® MCUs communication capabilities? Get the knowledge you want from the comfort of your own desk!
Getting Started with the MSP430™ MCU LaunchPad Workshop

This free, online, in-depth workshop includes an introduction to the MSP430 MCU Value Line products, an overview of Code Composer Studio™ 4.1, initializing the MSP430 and programming the GPIO, optimizing code for low-power operation, using serial communications and more. Each section includes an in-depth lab that steps you through the process.
Register today for eTech Day virtual training on Dec. 9th

Join TI for a day packed with online technical design seminars and interactive problem solving. Chat with TI subject matter experts who will be available on the TI E2E™ Community. For more information, please see

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