Microcontrollers (MCU)

Getting Started with Performance MCUs

Texas Instruments provides a complete ecosystem making it easy to start development on performance microcontrollers. Whether looking for development tools, reference design guides, software examples or third party tools support, performance microcontrollers have just what you need to jumpstart your design.

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Real-time Control Microcontrollers

C2000™ Real-time Control MCUs bring the power of a digital signal processor into a microcontroller architecture. These differentiated solutions are designed for developers looking to solve tough control loop tasks without compromising performance.

Based on the industry-recognized C28x CPU, C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers enable easy scalability between the Piccolo™ low-cost platform and the Delfino™ high-performance devices while making minimal changes to your software.

C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers are differentiating control-based applications such as digital power, industrial drives, solar inverters, appliances, automotive and much more.

Control + Automation Microcontrollers

Control + Automation MCUs bring the power of control, application management and connectivity to industrial applications. Control + Automation MCUs are designed to provide developers with a fully-integrated microcontroller to tackle difficult control, host and connectivity challenges.

This platform features the F28M3x, which uses a C28x + ARM core, capable of handling control loops, host management and communication tasks, and the TM4C12x, combining the ARM Cortex-M4F with connectivity and communication peripherals.

Control + Automation microcontrollers enable many end equipments such as HMI, automation & process control, high-end digital power, high-end solar inverters and much more.

Safety Microcontrollers

Safety MCUs are based on TI's 20+ years of safety-critical system expertise, industry collaboration and proven hardware for the automotive market. They are designed to address safety critical applications requiring standards like IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

The Safety microcontroller platform consists of three ARM® Cortex®-based microcontroller families (Hercules™ RM MCUs, Hercules TMS570 MCUs and Hercules TMS470M MCUs) that deliver scalable performance, connectivity, memory and safety features.

Unlike many microcontrollers that rely heavily on software for safety capabilities, these Safety microcontrollers implement safety in hardware to maximize performance and reduce software overhead.