Microcontrollers (MCU)

Safety – Tools & software

Safety microcontrollers are designed for safety-critical applications, providing advanced, integrated safety features while delivering scalable performance, connectivity and memory options.

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Kits and evaluation modules for Safety MCUs

Evaluation and starter kits, full development kits and application-specific reference designs.

From the low-cost LaunchPad™ development kit and USB sticks to full featured application platforms for motor control and functional safety, Hercules™ MCUs provide a variety of hardware development tools to help speed development and get customers to market faster.

Development tools for Safety MCUs

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), Compilers and Emulators

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

Texas Instruments and our partners offer Integrated Development Environments (IDE) and compilers to make it easy to get started developing software for Safety microcontrollers.

Software for Safety MCUs

RTOS, peripheral drivers, libraries, example code and connectivity

Hercules software is designed to simplify and speed development of functional safety applications. All Hercules software is royalty-free and is licensed to support easy adoption into customer projects.