Microcontrollers (MCU)

C2000™ Delfino™ 32-bit microcontrollers

Premium performance and expanded features for the most advanced closed-loop control applications

C2000™ real-time control Delfino™ microcontrollers bring leading floating-point performance and analog integration to control applications. Delfino MCUs simplify development and deliver world-class processing for demanding real-time applications. The family features the new dual-core microcontroller running at 200 MHz on each CPU and also has single-core options running up to 300 MHz.

Proven portfolio

The C2000 Delfino microcontroller family features four distinct code compatible series with a wide range of performance and peripheral options.

Purpose built

Designed for the most challenging real-time control applications requiring premium sensing, the fastest possible computations, and highest resolution system actuation to enable you to develop the most efficient product.

Accelerating applications

We prove the value of Delfino microcontrollers in real-time control and accelerate your product development by providing software development kits, libraries, and tools along with application EVMs and reference designs.

Delfino product portfolio

TMS320F2837xD MCUs

TMS320F2837xD MCUs

TMS320F2837xS MCUs

TMS320F2837xS MCUs

TMS320C2834x chip shot

TMS320C2834x MCUs

TMS320F2833x  chip shot

TMS320F2833x MCUs


Core 800 MIPS 400 MIPS 200 – 300 MIPS 100 - 150 MIPS
Core freq 2x CPU + 2x coprocessor CPU + coprocessor CPU CPU


FLASH Up to 1 MB Flash Up to 1 MB Flash Up to 512 KB Flash
SRAM Up to 204 KB SRAM Up to 164 KB SRAM Up to 516 KB SRAM Up to 68 KB SRAM


Pin-count 100-337 100-337

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$14.33 (1ku)
$11.32 (1ku)
$8.95 (1ku)
$13.20 (1ku)

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