Microcontrollers (MCU)

Capacitive sensing MCUs – Design & development

Capacitive sensing EVMs

Capacitive touch evaluation has never been faster and easier.  TI offers several capacitive sensing development kits to evaluate and design with CapTIvate technology including full-featured development kits, BoosterPack modules and other add-on boards to quickly prototype your design.

CAPMINI demonstration board

The EVM430-CAPMINI is a portable board for evaluating the MSP430FR2512 CapTIvate MCU powered by either USB or a CR1632 coin battery

Capacitive touch keypad BoosterPack module

The BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD is an easy-to-use EVM for the MSP430FR2522 capacitive touch sensing MCU

MSP CapTIvate MCU development kit

Evaluate the 16KB MSP430FR2633 or 64KB MSP430FR2676 MCUs with a comprehensive suite of sensor boards and programmer/debugger boards

Programmers & debuggers

TI offers powerful capacitive sensing emulation development tools that allow users to quickly begin application development on MSP low-power MCUs. Listed below are the compatible programmers and debuggers for development with MSP430 capacitive sensing MCUs including programmers specific to capacitive sensing development, as well as the MSP-FET programmer/debugger and the Gang production programmer.

MSP430 CapTIvate MCU programmer

The programmer/debugger board can be used with the BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD BoosterPack™ module.  The programmer features EnergyTrace™ technology to measure energy consumption with the Code Composer Studio™ IDE.  

MSP-FET programmer and debugger

The MSP-FET allows users to quickly begin application development on MSP MCUs. The MSP-FET provides a debug communication pathway between a host computer and the target MSP. It also provides a backchannel UART connection between the computer’s USB interface and the MSP UART. 

MSP-GANG production programmer

An MSP430 MCU programmer that can program up to eight identical MSP430 devices at the same time. The MSP Gang Programmer connects to a host PC using a standard RS-232 or USB connection and provides flexible programming options that allow the user to fully customize the process. 

Software, GUIs & IDEs

TI offers best-in class software development tools for rapid development. The CapTIvate Design Center in conjunction with Code Composer
Studio can simplify and accelerate any touch sensing design through the use of innovative graphical user interfaces, wizards and controls for generating code and tuning sensors. Additional libraries are available for speeding the development of industrial applications.

CapTIvate™ Design Center GUI

This GUI includes tools, documentation and software examples to simplify and accelerate capacitive touch designs using MSP430 CapTIvate MCUs. Drag and drop capacitive buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity sensors to the workspace and use the GUI to generate code, configure and tune in real time. 

Code Composer Studio™ IDE for MSP MCUs

Code Composer Studio IDE comprises of a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes an optimizing C/C++ compiler, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, and many other features. 

IEC 60730 software package

The IEC60730 MSP430 software package was developed to assist customers in complying with IEC 60730-1:2010 (Automatic Electrical Controls for Household Use) which includes home appliances, arc detectors, power converters, power tools, e-bikes, and more. 

Training videos

TI offers online training resources to provide capacitive sensing basics through more advanced tuning and application-specific videos. Featured videos are included below, more videos are included in the MSP430 CapTIvate MCU training series.