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MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs - Low Energy Accelerator (LEA)

Learn about the MSP430™ MCU low-energy accelerator (LEA)

The low-energy accelerator (LEA) module integrated in the MSP430FR5994 and MSP430FR6047 microcontroller (MCU) families is a 32-bit hardware engine designed for operations that involve vector-based signal processing such as FIR, IIR and FFT. These operations are done without CPU intervention and triggers an interrupt when the operation is completed. The LEA module supports multiple commands, which are issued by the CPU and performs vector math operations up to 40x faster than ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCUs running the CMSIS DSP library and minimal energy consumption.

Implementing LEA requires very little digital signal processing (DSP) expertise since TI provides a free optimized DSP Library with support for more than 50 math functions and a plug-and-play design that allows developers to unbox the MSP430FR5994 LaunchPad™ development kit and start processing complex math algorithms in less than five minutes.

Learn more about the LEA module in the sections below.

Get Higher MCU Performance with TI’s Low-Energy Accelerator (LEA)

An introduction to the integrated low-energy accelerator (LEA) for signal processing on TI’s MSP430 microcontrollers. Learn how LEA carries out complex vector math processing such as FFTs or FIR filters without sacrificing power consumption.

Training videos

Video title Description
Signal processing overview A quick overview of two types of signal processing which are the most broadly used in the industry – FFT and FIR – that can be done in the low energy accelerator module.
What is the low energy accelerator (LEA) peripheral? An overview of the LEA module including cycle and energy performance.
Low energy accelerator (LEA) performance A review of LEA performance by looking at the cycle and energy efficiency of the LEA module.

Application examples

Application Description Resources
Smart microphones for virtual assistants The low-energy accelerator can be used to filter out background noise for speech recognition for smart microphones that are included in home automation products. Read more
Ultrasonic gas meter This reference design helps designers to develop a ultrasonic gas metering sub-system using an ADC-based technique for superior metrology performance with lower power based on the MSP430FR5994 with the integrated LEA module. Download design
Glass break detectors Using the LEA module’s fast vector math computation allows for truly smart glass break detectors that can be “glass independent” to extract important signatures from the glass breaking sound to make decisions. Read more
Smart fault indicators The integrated LEA module and 12-bit ADC in the MSP430FR5994 allow smart fault indicators to monitor the health of overhead or underground power lines and cables to reduce power downtime and even take action before failure occurs. Download whitepaper
Ultrasonic sensing in condition monitoring Adding an MSP430 MCU with the LEA module in ultrasonic sensors for predictive or proactive maintenance provides a much more complete picture of equipment operation, and reduces the need for an inspector to tune the frequency. Read more
Holter monitor Having an integrated LEA module and 12-bit ADC in the MSP430FR5994 MCU logs the data, filters out unwanted noise and processes events for reporting. Additionally, with power consumption of 0.4mA on average the MSP430FR5994 helps maintain a longer battery life. Read more

Develop with the MSP430 MCU low-energy accelerator

Develop your smart applications with the new low-energy accelerator (LEA) peripheral on the MSP430FR5994 and MSP430FR6047 families with enhanced signal processing capabilities for vector math operations and achieve lower system power without sacrificing performance. With training, documentation, reference designs, development kits and software libraries, TI provides everything you need to get started.

Links to resources are below. If you need more help visit the TI E2E Forums where you can join the conversation on MSP430 MCU topics including the LEA module.

Training and demo videos

Video title Description
In-depth on Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) peripheral An in-depth view of the LEA peripheral, how applications interact with the module and memory usage.
Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) programmers model A look at the programmers model on how to get started with the LEA module using the MSP DSP Library.
Meet the New MSP430FR5994 LaunchPad™ Development Kit A board tour of the MSP-EXP430FR5994 LaunchPad development kit including the LEA module for signal processing and the associated reference design.

Reference designs

TI offers several reference designs using MSP430 microcontrollers with the integrated LEA module to highlight different applications and uses. Each design includes the bill of materials, schematics, gerber files and documentation. Additionally, TI provides design files for our development kits to speed your prototyping.

Devices with LEA module

MSP430FR5994 Microcontrollers

MSP430FR599x family

128-256KB of unified memory with LEA module

MSP430FR6047 Microcontroller


256KB of unified memory with LEA module and integrated ultrasonic sensing analog front end


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Library for MSP microcontrollers

The DSP library is a set of highly optimized functions to perform many common signal processing operations on fixed-point numbers for MSP430™ microcontrollers including the MSP430FR599x and MSP430FR6047 families.

Software Description
MSP430FR5994 Launchpad Development Kit – Software Examples Software examples for the MSP-EXP430FR5994 LaunchPad kit.
MSP430Ware™ software MSP430Ware is a collection of resources that help users to effectively create and build MSP430 code.
Code Composer Studio™ IDE Code Composer Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports TI's MSP430 MCU portfolio.
IAR Embedded Workbench® IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 is a complete debugger and C/C++ compiler toolchain for building and debugging embedded applications based on MSP430 microcontrollers.

User's guides

DSP Library API Guide

A user’s guide for the MSP digital signal processing library

Buy devices and tools with the MSP430 MCU low-energy accelerator

There are several MSP430 MCUs and development tools with the integrated LEA module for you to purchase and start development. Be sure to review our development resources and reach out to the TI E2E Forum if you need any help along the way.



256KB FRAM / 8KB RAM with UART Bootloader

64- and 80-pin LQFP

48-pin QFN

87-pin BGA

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256KB FRAM / 8KB RAM with 12C Bootloader

64- and 80-pin LQFP

48-pin QFN

87-pin BGA

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128KB FRAM / 8KB RAM with UART Bootloader

64- and 80-pin LQFP

48-pin QFN

87-pin BGA

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256KB FRAM / 8KB RAM with ultrasonic sensing analog front end

100-pin LQFP

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MSP430FR5994 LaunchPad development kit Order now
MSP-TS430PN80B Target board for the MSP430FR5994, 80-pin Order now
MSP-TS430PZ100E Target board for the MSP430FR6047, 100-pin Order now
EVM430-FR6047 Ultrasonic sensing EVM for the MSP430FR6047 Order now
MSP-FET MSP430 Flash emulation tool Order now
MSP-GANG MSP430 production programmer Order now