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Other TI MCUs integrate a variety of compelling connectivity and communication peripherals to support applications such as IoT gateways.

Control + Automation MCUs bring the power of control, application management and connectivity to industrial applications. This MCU platform features the TM4C MCU platform, which brings together an ARM Cortex-M4F core with compelling connectivity and communication peripherals and the C28x + ARM core, which provides an architecture capable to handling control loops, host management and communication tasks efficiently. Control + Automation MCUs are enabling many end equipments such as HMI, automation and process control, high-end digital power, high-end solar inverters and much more.


Increase connectivity integration without sacrificing security, price, performance or power consumption.


From Ethernet, USB and CAN to basic UARTs, TM4C MCUs offer a variety of solutions for industrial automation, IoT and sensor hubs.


For simple motion control applications with up to 40 PWM outputs and two quadrature encoder inputs

Featured TM4C12x products


Features integrated communication peripherals along with other high-performance analog and digital functions to offer a strong foundation for many different target uses


Targeted for industrial applications, including remote monitoring, electronic point-of-sale machines, test and measurement equipment, network appliances and switches.

TM4C12x technology differentiators


Providing point-to-point connectivity features with four SSI/SPI, six I2C, eight UARTs, and USB On-the-Go/Host/Device, the TM4C12x series provides a baseline for home, building, and industrial applications, enabling customers an opportunity to increase their connectivity integration without sacrificing price, performance or power consumption.


The TM4C12x series provides multiple network and communication peripherals, including CAN controllers, 10/100 Ethernet, and wireless communication libraries. With a variety of examples ready to run on the TM4C12x Evaluation and Development Kit, TI provides everything that customers need to get started networking with Cortex-M.


The Control + Automation TM4C12x microcontrollers include up to 40 PWM outputs and two quadrature encoder inputs tailored to move motors, switches, and actuators. Supported by two fast, accurate, 12-bit ADCs and three on-chip comparators, TM4C12x microcontrollers are a great fit for simple motion control applications. 

Customers have the option to quickly and efficiently implement advanced graphical user interfaces by leveraging the royalty-free TivaWare for C Series Graphics Library. Whether your focus is graphics, motion or analog controls, accelerate your design with TM4C12x microcontrollers.

TM4C12x LaunchPad development kits

TM4C12x BoosterPack plug-in modules and development kits

Advanced development

Getting started with TivaWare software for TM4C12x series development

All TivaWare software for TM4C12x series has a free license and allows royalty-free use so users can create and build full-function, easy-to-maintain code. TivaWare software for C series is written entirely in TM4C12x to make development and deployment efficient and easy.   

  • Royalty-free libraries (Peripheral, USB, Graphics)   
  • Kit-and peripheral-specific code examples   
  • Speeds design and development   
  • Written entirely in C
TivaWare software for TM4C12x series is an extensive suite of tools designed to simplify and speed development of TM4C12x series-based microcontroller applications

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