Microcontrollers (MCU)

CC430 RF microcontrollers

Integrated MSP430™ MCU core with Sub-1 GHz RF connectivity

Battery charge

Low Power

Design products that run for a long time without a battery change

Cellphone signal

Integrated RF

Integration enables optimization by reducing design complexity

Secure cloud


Secure solutions protect consumer and manufacturer devices

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Sub 1Ghz RF Communication

Sub 1GHz radio communication is set up between 2 or more participants in a network, through e.g. standardized (ZigBee), open source (Simpliciti) or proprietary protocols. CC430 SoCs on both ends are offering all the flexibility needed through the integration of high performance RF transceiver and MSP430 ULP microcontroller on one chip.

RF Transceiver communication

CC430 Family User's Guide (PDF 4.51 MB)

Jumpstart RF development in the sub-GHz frequency range with the MSP-SA430-SUB1GHZ

Our NFC and RFID portfolio offers ideal solutions for a variety of applications, including consumer electronics and asset tracking, with TI designs to help you get started quickly.

CC430 MCUs

Key features


  • Up to 20 MHz MSP core


  • Sub-1GHz RF includes 433, 868, and 915 MHz frequencies


  • Up to 32 KB Flash
  • Up to 4 KB RAM


  • LCD controllers integrated on select CC430 devices


  • 0.9V – 1.65V operation

Low power

  • 180uA/MHz active
  • 1.7uA real-time clock mode
  • 1uA RAM retention


  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Data logging
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • See more

Block diagram