Microcontrollers (MCU)

Microcontrollers (MCU) – Tools & software

Kits and evaluation modules

Microcontroller kits & evaluation modules consist of an array of boards ranging from ‘eZ’ to full-blown user experience. Depending on the user’s needs, the list of hardware products has several features to help move forward to production.

Texas Instruments MCU LaunchPad

Get started with the LaunchPad evaluation platform from Texas Instruments. LaunchPad kits are available for TI’s line of microcontrollers and provide developers with everything they need to start designing new applications.


MSP MCU Kits & Evaluation Modules

MSP MCU Kits & Evaluation Modules consist of an array of boards ranging from ‘eZ’ to full-blown user experience. Depending on the user’s needs, the list of hardware products has several features to help move forward to production.

MSP MCU Kits & Evaluation Modules

Real-time Control MCUs

C2000™ Real-time Control kits & evaluation modules come in a variety of hardware platforms to speed development using C2000 microcontrollers. From low-cost USB form factor controlSTICKs to full featured application developer platforms for solar, motor control, lighting, and digital power, C2000 MCUs provides a breadth of hardware development tools designed to aid development get customers to market faster.

C2000 Kits & Evaluation Modules

Control + Automation MCUs

Control + Automation MCU kits come in three different flavors to speed a customer’s application development using ARM® Cortex®-M MCUs: LaunchPads, Development Kits, and Reference Designs. LaunchPads provide a fast, low-cost way to evaluate the TM4Cx MCUs. Development Kits provide a platform for exercising the maximum feature set of a particular family. Reference designs offer application-specific designs that customers can use to accelerate their end-equipment design.


Development Tools for Microcontrollers

IDEs, compilers, and tool chains from TI and TI Design Network members.

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Code Composer Studio™ IDE

Code Composer Studio (CCS) is a complete, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that supports all the entire Texas Instruments Embedded Processors portfolio, offering a consistent development experience.

Code Composer Studio

Software for Microcontrollers

The microcontroller software development ecosystem includes code generation tools, GUI-based peripheral configuration & high level driver libraries & APIs. Peripheral-specific and application-specific software, frameworks, and software codices also can help you in your software development.


MSP430Ware is a collection of code examples, datasheets and other design resources for ALL MSP430 devices delivered in a convenient package to your desktop or in the cloud - essentially everything developers need to become MSP430 microcontroller experts!

In addition to provide a complete collection of existing MSP design resources, MSP430Ware also includes a high-level API called MSP Driver Library. This new library makes it really easy to talk to MSP430 hardware through easy-to-use function calls.

SimpleLink™ MSP432™ Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SimpleLink MSP432 SDK enables engineers to quickly develop highly functional applications on MSP432 MCUs. As a comprehensive software package, the SDK is comprised of multiple common software components across the entire SimpleLink wired and wireless MCU portfolio including RTOS, drivers, and middleware as well as examples of how to use these components together.

SimpleLink MSP432 SDK


One destination for all C2000 MCU software and hardware needs. controlSUITE is a software, documentation, and hardware design repository for C2000 microcontrollers. Use the convenient graphical interface to quickly locate the support you need, whether it be example code or even hardware schematics. No need to search endless tables of software listings or navigate through complex directories on your computer. controlSUITE makes it easy to find the software you need whether that be runtime libraries, application libraries, EVM support examples, hardware schematics, documentation, and more.


TI Real-Time Operating System (TI-RTOS) for TI Microcontrollers

TI-RTOS is a complete real-time operating system (RTOS) for its microcontroller platform. It combines a real-time multitasking kernel with additional middleware components including TCP/IP and USB stacks, a FAT file system, and device drivers, enabling developers to focus on differentiating their application.

TI-RTOS is available today on select devices, including ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers and C2000™ dual core C28x + ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.


  • Royalty-free libraries (Peripheral, USB, Graphics)
  • Kit-and peripheral-specific code examples
  • Speeds design and development
  • Written entirely in C

Hercules Peripheral Drivers Library

Hercules peripheral drivers are configured and created using TI HALCoGen GUI-based chip configuration tool. HALCoGen provides a graphical user interface that allows the user to configure peripherals, interrupts, clocks, and many other microcontroller parameters. Once the device is configured, the user can generate peripheral initialization and driver code, which can be imported into CCS, IAR Workbench, or Keil uVision. HALCoGen also includes several example projects for using many of the key peripherals.

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