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Using the TOPS API with Visual Basic

If you're a Visual Basic programmer and want to write programs for Avigo, you can translate the calls you need from TOPS API for the PC(available for free) to Visual Basic.

Because Microsoft now provides Visual Basic free with Microsoft Office, you can write a program to let you transfer data between Avigo and your PC directly from within any Microsoft Office application. This is a definite time saver. Now you can, for example, transfer an Access database to Avigo without ever leaving Access.

We have provided an example of how to translate the following functions to VB:

  • BeginSession
  • EndSession

Declare Function TOPS_BeginSession Lib "tops.dll" (ByVal comport As Long, ByVal device As Long, ByVal idString As String) As Long

Declare Function TOPS_EndSession Lib "tops.dll" ( ) As Long

To see all function calls, open TOPS.DLL (included with the TOPS API files).

To see their parameters and data types, open the TOPS.PDF file (included with the TOPS API files).

To see how our developer implemented these function calls:

  1. Download avigo.mdb (384KB) for free to your PC.
  2. Open the avigo.mdb file in Access.
  3. To enter the Design View, choose Design View from the View menu.
  4. To view the code, choose Code from the View menu.



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