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Game 1 (8KB) - This game of strategy is adapted from the popular game, Reversi, where you attempt to capture your opponent's (Avigo's!) dots.

Game 2 (9KB) - Use your wits and forward thinking in a game of solitaire with pegs. The rules are simple: a legal move is one in which a peg jumps (in a straight line) over exactly one adjacent peg into an empty hole. The overtaken peg is then removed. To win, just leave one peg in the center.

Mine Field (9KB) - A great game of logic and luck, Mine Field requires that you find the mines in the field before you set one off. Three levels of difficulty plus one with customized settings test your skill.

Number Puzzle (8KB) - This classic game tests your skills at rearranging the numbers into their correct order. Choose from three levels of difficulty: 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5.



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