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How do you use your Avigo?

Avigo was designed to help you put more of your PC information in your pocket. Because of its size, portability, and superior connectivity to the PC, Avigo is the perfect way to take a wide variety of different types of information with you.

Here are some examples of things users do with their Avigo.

Maps on Avigo: I often deliver things to people all over town. Many streets I know by name, but some streets are so unusual that you always have to look at the street map. I have made a few drawings of the unusual streets. So, I only have to look at my Avigo and choose 'Sketch' and the name of the street (filename) and I have a map of the street (or streets) I am looking for. This way I don't have to a large street map with me for only a few streets. - Christian Hoechst

Family Photos: If you like to take photos of your family or friends with you, you can save them in the sketch section of your Avigo. Simply convert the image to .bmp format, resize it to 160x200 pixels, dithering the image to 2 colors. The results are quite amazing ! - Cristiano Bettaglio

Financial Register: I use my Avigo as a check / ATM / credit card register. I set up a data table to record: When, Where, Item, Amount, Surcharge, and a pop up list for: ATM. VISA, AMEX, Check with a Check # field. I record all my daily transactions with my Avigo, and export it to an [Microsoft] Excel spreadsheet for further sorting and calculating. This can be exported to [Intuit's] Quicken or Microsoft Money. I also have a checkbox for: Recorded, which is a true/false field in Excel that I set to true in Excel after I record the transactions and sync it back to the Avigo to avoid Duplication. I have found that it keeps me from trying to remember at the end of the week all of my transactions that haven't cleared the bank or the credit card agencies yet. - Pepper Fleming

Data Tables: If you've got a big list of information, it's best to put it into a data table, given the size limitations for memo notes. For instance, I keep a list of all of the movie videos I've rented, and I take my Avigo with me to the video rental shop to avoid that 'Oh, no, I've rented this one before!' problem. To get around the list quickly, just use the Search function built into the Data application. For instance, you just need to click the Search button, and then the 'S' key in the keyboard, to go to the list items starting with the word 'S'. - Tom Hoots

Electronic Signatures: For all of the people that don't have scanners or any way to copy their signature to a computer, here is a simple tip. Go into Avigo's Sketch Application and sign your name. Then load the Avigo into the docking bay and run the Avigo Manager. Click on the Sketch icon on the toolbar and select the sketch where you signed your name. Save it. Then go into Microsoft's Paint (or your favorite BMP editing program) and select a box around your name and cut your name. Then open a new BMP and resize it to 1x1. Then paste. (Paint will ask you if you would like to expand the image. Choose yes.) Save this as something like sig.bmp. Now you can use it in a word processor to 'sign' a paper. - Brandon Kraft

Cigars: I use mine (other than scheduling and addresses) to keep track of 2 things: I use the data table to keep track of cigars I like and cigars I want to try, as well as ones I don't like. That way, when I go in a new store I can always find something I like. - Charles Hodge

Time Keeping: We in our office have recently switched over to electronic time-keeping. Being out of my office most of the day, I set up a spread sheet that contains all of my usual 'charge numbers' for the projects I work on. I have also set up a column for each day of the week. I record my time spent on my Avigo under the heading for the specific day. Before I leave the office I simply copy (re-type) the data into our on-line system (which is really archaic). At the end of the week I have a record of all my time spent, and simply transfer the data to my PC and re-transfer a fresh empty table back to the Avigo for the next week. My Excel spreadsheet will do all of my tallies and categorize all my time for any time period I specify (day, week, month, quarter or year) for all of the projects worked. This has helped me plan my time more effectively since I can see where my time is being spent and can make adjustments to my plans more readily. Thanks for the tool of a lifetime.... P.S. -- The reason I chose the Avigo is that my handwriting is so bad that I couldn't even make a Palm Pilot work! Give me a stylus and a keypad any day! - John Aloisio

Household Inventory: Believe it or not, I actually keep a rather large, detailed database of my household inventory in my Avigo. Though it's so large that I can't even begin to see the whole database on the Avigo's screen without lots of scrolling around, the Data Application's Detail lets me see all the fields for each record. I just find an item I want to look up and then click on it, and the Detail view pops up, showing me the information in fields such as Brand, Model, Serial Number, Date of Purchase, Price, Location, etc. for that item. And, I can quickly scroll through lots of items just by staying in the Detail view, and pressing the Avigo's up/down buttons. - Tom Hoots


    Texas Instruments is no longer selling the Avigo personal organizer.

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