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How to fix: The time for some cities in my World Time clock are not correct.

A few cities in the Avigo World time do not have the correct offset from standard time. To correct the problem,

  • Place Avigo in the dock station (or use Infrared)
  • Start the Avigo Manager software on the PC.
  • Click the world time icon to read the current settings from Avigo
  • Scroll to the city and highlight (Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, or Santiago)
  • Choose the edit function from the bottom menu (or right click on the city to edit)
  • Adjust the time for the following
    Lisbon 0 hours later than GMT
    Rio de Janeiro 3 hours earlier than GMT
    Santiago 4 hours earlier than GMT
  • Click the green check mark in the upper right to apply changes to Avigo



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