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PC Software

Backup and Restore Utility for Avigo - Backup & Restore will backup and restore all of the data on your Avigo. The difference between this utility and the Backup & Restore that is included as part of the Avigo Manager is that this utility will backup the Application Preferences of your downloaded applications.

Backup and Restore Utility for Avigo: backup.zip (146 KB)

Clipboard for Avigo - This utility gives you the ability to take images and text from your PC's clipboard and send it to the Avigo Memo or Sketch functions. A simple interface makes this application quick and easy to use.

Clipboard for Avigo: aviclip.exe (3MB)

Expense Translator for Avigo - This PC application provides a quick and easy way to get data from your Avigo's expense function and put it into a QIF file format. The QIF format can be read by most popular financial software programs such as Quicken and MS Money. The Expense Translator software will also customize the field names and categories in your Avigo to more closely match the data on your PC.

Expense Translator for Avigo requires Microsoft Windows(TM) 95 or Windows NT 4.0.

Expense Translator for Avigo: expense.zip (976KB)

Creating Avigo Icons in Lotus Organizer® - Set up your Lotus Organizer 97 toolbar to launch the IntelliSync for Avigo and Avigo Manager applications.

Adding these icons to your Lotus Organizer 97 toolbar makes it easy to sync without having to leave the Organizer program.

Complete instructions, and new Avigo icons to set up your Organizer 97 toolbar are available for download.

Instructions: smarticn.pdf
Avigo Sync Icon: sync.bmp
Avigo Manager Icon: avmgr16a.bmp



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