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Third Party Applets

TI makes the following software applications, programs and applets available, as a non-commercial service to benefit Avigo™ owners. Please address any questions or comments to the copyright holder of the content or goods.

Simply unzip these files to your Avigo Manager folder on your hard drive (usually: C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\Avigo), and use Avigo Manager to download them to your Avigo. All files have been Zipped for faster download times.

Quick Installer (209 KB)
Quick Application Installer for Avigo provides a fast and easy way to install new applications on your Avigo.


Checklist (193 KB)
Checklist allows you to manage up to 8 checklists on your Avigo. This application is comprised of two components: the Avigo Checklist application and the PC Checklist Wizard.


Timer (8 KB)
Timer is a stopwatch application that gives Avigo users the ability to track up to 4 time sessions concurrently. Features include elapsed time, split time, and a countdown to a user specified date and time. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Euro Calculator (8 KB)
This application expands the functionality of the Avigo Calculator with the new European currency conversions. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Periodic Table (16 KB)
This program displays the complete periodic table. A full screen of facts is available for each element. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Conversion (5 KB)
A handy conversion program. Converts between many different units in both English and Metric systems. Units of Time, Length, Mass, Volume, Area, Pressure, Energy and Power are all converted. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Blackjack (13 KB)
The classic game of 21 for Avigo. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Poker (18 KB)
Play against Avigo in Vegas style video poker. Jacks or better to win. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Solitaire (11 KB)
This classic card game takes advantage of Avigo's rotatable display. Author: Inventec Corporation.


Blockade (6 KB)
An arcade style game of stacking blocks as they fall. Author: Inventec Corporation.



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