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User Profile: Dr. Robert Herren
Dr. Herren

Dr. Robert Herren, a dentist who practices in Dallas, Texas, uses his Avigo to personalize his service. He finds it helpful to have his Avigo with him whenever he is on call.

Herren stores patient information from the patient database he keeps on his office PC on his Avigo. He stores the information in two Avigo data tables, one containing all 2,300 patient records, and one for patients with medical alerts.

"I was out at the lake with my sons, Hunter and Casey, when a patient paged me," relates Herren. "He was suffering from an abscessed tooth. I looked up his patient record in my Avigo to see if he had any drug allergies or medical conditions before prescribing an appropriate drug. I store a patient's pharmacy number along with their other information so that I can call in the prescription without the patient having to supply the pharmacy phone number."

"I think it really amazes people when I call them from a remote location or a different state where I'm attending a conference or something, and I know all sorts of useful things about them. I may be nowhere near my PC but I can find out whatever I need to about a patient without even having to ask," says Herren.

In this day of de-personalized medical care, Herren feels he can make a difference with his patients by providing personalized service. "I am able to keep all of my patient's pertinent information with me all the time so that they get the service they need right away," says Herren. "It's the little things that you can do to make a patient comfortable that really separates you from the pack," says Herren.

Herren finds his Avigo useful for referring patients to other physicians. One of his patient's 11-year old sons recently had a bad accident with his bicycle. Herren examined him to determine whether the youth needed to visit a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon. In this particular instance, the boy suffered only from some broken teeth, so he didn't need medical care from anyone other than Herren. But, if he had, Herren says, he would have had immediate access to information about physicians who could help the boy.

Herren also uses his Avigo for more personal matters, such as looking for a house. "Every now and then," says Herren, "when I'm driving around, I'll see a house for sale that I find appealing. I jot down the address in my Avigo and then call my real estate agent about it later on. I also use it to jot down brainstorming ideas I have when I'm having a solo lunch or riding in an airplane."

In the future, Herren hopes to use his Avigo for more sophisticated purposes, such as tracking patient birthdays to send them cards and to track special milestones in his patient's lives, such as a 50th wedding anniversary. "I have three patients who have triplets. I really like the idea of being reminded that their mother's birthday is coming up and that my Avigo will remind me to do something special for her," says Herren.



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