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Signal Conditioners

TI offers the industry’s highest signal conditioning performance at the lowest power consumption in a comprehensive portfolio of easy-to-use products, including equalizers, redrivers/repeaters, retimers, advanced retimers, and mux buffers.

SN75LVPE802: Two-Channel 8 Gbps SATA Express Equalizer and Redriver

DS280BR820: Low Power 28 Gbps 8 Channel Linear Repeater

DS280DF810: 28 Gbps Multi-Rate 8-Channel Retimer

  • Green box testing: A method for optimizing high-speed serial links (slyt678.PDF, 1.63 MB)
    21 Jul 2016Download
  • The intricacies of signal integrity in high-speed communications (slyt672.PDF, 200 KB)
    26 Apr 2016Download