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TI analog Non-Isolated Module Power Management products are a subset of analog Analog & Mixed-Signal solutions. This page is your resource to download datasheets, application notes, order samples and use parametric search to research other Power Management-related analog solutions. SupplyFrame

TPSM84624: 4.5V to 17V Input, 0.6V-10V Output, 6A Power Module in Compact 7.5x7.5mm Footprint

TPSM82480: 5.5V Input, 6A, Step-Down Converter Module With Integrated Inductor

LMZM33602: 4V to 36V, 2A Step-Down DC/DC Power Module in Compact 7x9x4mm QFN Package

  • Inverting Application for the LMZM23601 and LMZM23600 (snva807.HTM, 8 KB)
    15 Feb 2018Abstract
  • Inverting Application for the LMZM33603 (Rev. A) (snva800a.PDF, 460 KB)
    09 Feb 2018Download