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Single Channel LDO

Texas Instruments provides power designers with a broad portfolio of linear and low dropout regulators (LDOs), including standard voltage regulators, featuring low quiescent current that increases efficiency in a variety of applications. LDOs are a simple, inexpensive way to regulate an output voltage powered from a higher voltage input. For more information visit www.ti.com/ldo.

LDO Quick Reference Guide

TPS7B6950: 40-V Ultralow-Iq Low-Dropout Regulator

TPS7B6933: 40-V Ultralow-Iq Low-Dropout Regulator

LP5912: 500-mA Low-Noise, Low-IQ LDO

  • LDOs Thermal Performance in Small SMD Packages (snva753.HTM, 8 KB)
    22 Apr 2016Abstract
  • SM72295 For Bi-Directional DC-to-DC Conversion (slaa690.HTM, 8 KB)
    10 Feb 2016Abstract