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Offline and Isolated DC/DC Controllers and Converters

Texas Instruments isolated power conversion solutions cover the complete range of end-to-end power supply building blocks from front-end PFC controllers to PWM controllers, supporting the most popular isolated power topologies, including advanced, phase-shifted full-bridge. Innovative MOSFET gate drivers support primary and secondary MOSFET-driver applications, including synchronous rectifier driver topologies and many other power supply support products.

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UCC28780: Adaptive Zero Voltage Switching Active-Clamp Flyback Controller

UCC24612: High-Frequency Multi-Mode Synchronous Rectifier Controller

UCC28634: High Power Flyback Controller With Primary-Side Regulation and Peak Power Mode

  • Exceeding Modern Energy Standards with 'Always On' PFC and LLC Controllers​ (Rev. A) (slua867a.PDF, 148 KB)
    20 Mar 2018Download