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High accurate multiple-chemistry gauges for applications ranging from single-cell to multiple-cell battery packs, such as smartphones, notebook / laptops, power tools, vacuums, and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). There are gauges equipped with integrated hardware protection and second-level protection for permanent failure. In addition, there are gauges with pack level gauging for higher voltage applications such as battery packs >15 series-cells. TI’s patented gauging algorithms aid the gauges into accurately measuring state of charge and state of health for a variety of chemistries such as li-ion, LiFePO4, and NiMH. 

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What makes TI gauges so special? Patented gauging algorithm Impedance Track ™ allows higher accuracy. If you are interested to learn more about Impedance Track, check this white paper.

Battery gauges have a rich set of parameters which enable compatibility with a wide range of battery types and applications. Learn how to program these parameters and to read gauge results.

This video provides an overview on what Chemistry IDs (ChemID) are and how to use the online GPC Tool to obtain a properly matched ChemID for the user's specific cell. The tool specifically ref

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We offer a broad range of battery gauge tools designed to shorten the development cycle.

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