Power management

Battery monitors & balancers 

Battery monitors capture key battery parameters such as voltage, current and temperature and relay this information to a microcontroller. Battery balancers offer cell balancing solutions to optimize battery system performance. Our battery monitors and balancers contain an analog front-end with digital interfaces and communication, and/or functionality to implement active external or passive internal and external balancing. These devices form a part of a complete monitoring and balancing solution for next-generation high-power systems such as electric vehicles (EVs), power tools, energy storage systems and e-mobility applications.

Featured battery monitor and balancer products


SafeTI™ precision monitor with integrated hardware protector for automotive battery packs


9 to 15-Series Cell Li-Ion and Li-Phosphate Battery Monitor

Featured battery monitor and balancer reference designs

16-Channel Active Cell Balance Reference Design

Battery management solution for large capacity battery packs, combining a high accuracy battery monitor with a bi-directional DC-DC cell balancer

Multi-Cell 36-48V Battery Management System Reference Design

Battery management solution (monitoring, balancing, primary protection & gauging) for a 12-15 cell Li-ion or LiFePO based batteries.

Industrial Battery Management Module for 20S Applications Reference Design

Simple battery management solution (monitoring, balancing, protection, State of Charge) for 16-20 cell series cell applications

Battery monitor and balancer resources

Learn about basic concepts of battery monitoring and fuel gauging.

Understand why multiple safety requirements exist for HEVs, EVs, PHEVs, how they are determined, and how to comply with them.


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