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Our battery management solutions, tools and expertise make it easier for engineers to design more efficient, longer lasting and more reliable battery-powered applications. 

Faster and cooler battery chargers

Broad portfolio of single cell and multi-cell switch-mode chargers for high capacity batteries and linear chargers with high integration to extend battery run time and reduce total solution size for wearables and IoT applications


Accurate battery gauges and monitoring ICs

Accurate, real-time information on the voltage, current and temperature (VIT) for reporting of the battery's present state of charge, state of health and end of service.


Precise protection and secure authentication ICs

Battery protection is required to detect a variety of fault conditions to ensure the system functions aren't interrupted.


Choose your application to see the best battery management solution for your end equipment.

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Broad portfolio of chargers, gauges, authentication, and protection ICs.

Fully tested reference designs and test reports to help kick-start your design process.

Get technical training from fundamental to advanced concepts of battery management.

A broad range of battery management tools designed to shorten the development cycle.

See our E2E™ technical support forums for your source to fast, verified answers and design help from our experts.

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