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Our range of digital power software and tools simplify digital power supply design and speed time to market.

Featured evaluation modules


The UCD90320EVM-783 evaluation module contains a UCD90320 device, two step-down power stages using the TPS54678 synchronous step-down switcher with integrated FET (SWIFT™), two TPS7A84 LDOs, a TPS73633 LDO, and a REF5030A voltage reference. 


The TPS544C20EVM evaluation module (EVM) allows users to evaluate the TPS544C20. The TPS544C20 is a D-CAP2™ mode, 30-A SWIFTTM converter with PMBus TM. It provides a fixed 1.2-V output at up to 30 A from a 12-V input bus. 

Featured reference designs

PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design

A complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores, DDR3 core memory, VTT termination, and auxiliary voltages.

PM2.5 and PM10 Particle Sensor Analog Front-End for Air Quality Monitoring Reference Design

Provides an analog front-end solution for measuring PM2.5 and PM10 particle matter. It detects the light scattered by particles suspended in air.

Low Noise High PSRR LDO Reference Design for Powering Hi-Fi Audio Application

Features very quiet power supply for audio decoder and power amplifiers, high output accuracy, and a small solution size in a simple design.

Fusion Digital Software

TI’s Fusion Digital Power Software is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) used to configure and monitor select Texas Instruments’ digital and analog controllers and sequencer/health monitors. The application uses the PMBus protocol to communicate with the device over serial bus by way of a TI USB adapter. Learn more.


  • Fusion Digital Power Studio: Has software tools for TI’s UCD3138 Integrated Digital Controller family. It assists in the evaluation, development and testing phases of designs.
  • Fusion Digital Power APIs: Is built on top of a Microsoft.NET Application Programming Interface (Fusion-API) and handles I2C/SMBus communication and abstracts devices and commands.
  • Fusion Digital Power Production Tool: Is a GUI used to download firmware, upgrade firmware, configure, calibrate and test. Allows integration of UCD flashing procedures in a production environment.


Digital Power Software

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