Power Management

Automotive LED Driver

Automotive LED driver solutions from Texas Instruments help you build innovative, reliable, cost effective automotive lighting systems that exceed the auto industry's stringent requirements. Our broad portfolio of highly-efficient LED drivers extend the life of your lighting system designs, enable greater driver and pedestrian safety, and enhance the driver experience.

Exterior lighting

LED drivers enabling vibrant, customizable, and cost-effective vehicle styling for applications including:

  • Headlamps
  • Adaptive Headlamp
  • Daytime running
  • Fog
  • Position
  • Stop/Tail
  • Turn

Interior lighting

LED drivers enabling vibrant, ambient interior lighting for applications such as:

  • Dome
  • Foot well
  • Tell-tail

LCD backlighting Infotainment and cluster

Backlight LED drivers improving driver experiences and interaction and applications including:

  • Hybrid cluster
  • Solid state cluster
  • Backlighting/head units
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Featured Automotive LED Driver products


Automotive Display LED-Backlight Driver With Six 150-mA Channels


Automotive 3-Channel High-Side, High-Power, Constant-Current, Linear LED Driver


Multi-Topology LED Driver with Rail-to-Rail Current Sense Amplifier

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