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Signage & Large Display LED Driver

Texas Instruments offers a broad portfolio of 16-48 channel output large LED display driver solutions for signage applications such as concert displays, billboards and signboards. The high-performance LED drivers enable large video screens that require video-display-driver dedicated technologies for vivid imaging, while enabling large simple text / character only displays. Backed by design resources and technical support, TI’s signage LED display drivers get your designs to market faster.


24 - 48 channel output

Higher density LED drivers for higher end displays: 8 RGB (24=8x3) and 16 RGB (48=16x3).


16 channel output

Basic ON/OFF type drivers for sign-boards, billboards, low to middle range video displays. PWM type drivers for middle to high range video displays.

Featured products


48 Channel, 16 Bit ES-PWM, LED Driver with Pre-Charge FET


48-Channel, 16-Bit ESPWM LED Driver with Pre-Charge FET


48-Channel, 16-Bit ESPWM LED Driver with Pre-Charge FET, LOD Caterpillar


16-Bit Fast-Mode Plus (FM+) I2C-Bus Constant-Current LED Sink Driver

Technical resources

Digital signage quick reference guide

Use this quick reference guide to find the right LED driver for digital signage applications

Featured TI Design

64x64 Full Color (R/G/B) LED Matrix with High Multiplexing Reference Design

LED design support

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