Power management

Linear regulators (LDO) – Applications

TI has the industry’s largest LDO and linear regulator portfolio, design resources and power experts worldwide to help you get your applications to market faster. Whether you are looking for a part with high-performance, low-noise, or low Iq for your next design, TI can help you find the right part easily and quickly.

Personal electronics

TI's small size, low-noise and low-Iq LDOs meet the complexity and density requirements of today's personal electronics, while delivering high-performance and consuming the smallest space possible.

Personal electronics applications for LDOs


Industrial applications often have large voltage transient or voltage failure requirements and need extended battery life. High-performance LDOs from TI meet your needs by providing, wide input voltages (Up to 60-V) to tolerate 24-V rails, low quiescent current (<5uA) to sustain operation off the backup battery, and wide temperature grade to withstand hot environments.

Industrial applications for LDOs
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TI LDOs provide industry-leading protection that meets the stringent requirements of today's body electronics, power train, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and passive safety applications. TI LDOs also enable ADAS designs, which help to improve driver awareness, and Infotainment and Cluster designs that help elevate the driver experience inside the car.

Automotive applications for LDOs
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Communications equipment

TI’s high-performance LDOs deliver clean, efficient and accurate power to wireless communications and networking designs. They optimize SNR, SFDR, and jitter by virtue of their wide-bandwidth ripple-rejection (PSRR) and low noise outputs. TI LDOs also improve power efficiency by operating over a wide input (0.9 V – 6.5 V) and output (0.8 V – 5.5 V) voltage range.

Communications and networking applications for LDOs
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