Power Management

RF DC/DC converter

Extend battery life and reduce heat

TI’s portfolio of low-noise RF DC/DC Converters for smartphonestablets, wearable devices and wireless data access cards solutions deliver energy and heat savings that enable higher performing RF Front-End (RFFE) systems.

The RF DC/DC converters feature dynamically adjustable output power that enable optimal power for the RF power amplifier (RF PA), allowing for longer battery life and reduced heat.

smartphones, tablets, and wearables
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Featured products


3.3-V, 1.2-A, 6-MHz Mini Step-Down DC-DC Converter


6MHz, 800mA Miniature, Adjustable, Step-Down DC/DC Converter with Bypass


Buck-Boost Converter with MIPI(R) RFFE Interface for 3G and 4G RF Power Amplifiers