Power Management

DC/DC step-down buck controllers

Wide VIN, single to multiphase, and analog to PMBus/I2C

Battery, 3.3 V

Applications in this category typically feature power input from batteries, supercapacitors (2.7 V or higher), or PCI Express connectors (3.3 V).

12 V

Applications typically feature a nominal 12 V input rail as is commonly found in server/ communication systems, or a supercapacitor output found in storage and UPS applications.

19 V, 24 V

Typical applications in this category are industrial systems with nominal 24 V input rails, or PC systems with a nominal 19 V input rail.

48 V

Applications in this category involve 48 V input buses found in Industrial and communication applications.


Multiphase buck applications typically involve high output current, low output voltage, and tight voltage regulation required for ASIC/FPGA/DDR/DSP/CPU core rails.

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