Power management

Buck-boost & inverting controllers (external switch) – Tools & software

Featured evaluation modules

1-MHz, 3.3V, high-efficiency synchronous buck converter with TPS43000 PWM

The TPS43000EVM-001 is designed to help evaluate the TPS43000 full-featured controller. The TPS43000 is designed to drive a pair of external MOSFET's (N or P) and can be used with a wide range of output voltages and power levels. 

LM5175RHF wide VIN 4-switch buck-boost controller

The LM5175RHFEVM-HD demonstrates a compact buck-boost design using the LM5175 high performance 4-switch buck-boost controller. This evaluation module is designed to operate from input voltage range of 5.5 V-42 V and provide a regulated 12 V output with  load current up to 6A. 

Featured reference designs


LED PWM dimming reference design using high efficiency buck-boost converter.


9 to 42Vin 5V/12V/20V @ 5A synchronous 4-switch buck-boost converter reference design.


3-42Vin, 5V at 3A buck-boost optimized for automotive cold crank reference design.


220W synchronous 4 switch buck-boost converter.


Sync boost 5V@4A for USB battery chargers.


TPS43000 synchronous boost reference design.

Design and simulation tools

WEBENCH Designer is a powerful software algorithm with visual interfaces that deliver complete applications in seconds.