Power management

DC/DC power modules

Integrated-inductor DC/DC switching regulator solutions for any application

TI’s broad portfolio of DC/DC modules integrate inductors, FETs, compensation, and other passive components into a single package to simplify the power supply design process, accelerate customer time-to-market, and minimize overall solution size. The TI power module family spans isolated and non-isolated architectures as well as step-up, step-down, and inverting topologies.

Select device by package type

MicroSiP™ package type


Small solution size and high power density for space-constrained applications

power modules with exposed leads


Robust, exposed-lead packaging represents the ultimate in ease-of-use DC/DC design, with low pin-counts and visual inspection capability.


QFN modules with leadless packaging provide a small footprint for high-current, high-density designs.

Open frame

Non-isolated and isolated DC/DC converter power modules built on PC board substrates with SMD or through-hole interface pins.

Featured products


4V to 36V, 1A step-down converter module with integrated inductor in 3x3.8x1.6mm package


4-V to 36-V input, 1-V to 18-V output, 6-A power module in 10x16x4mm QFN package with frequency sync


5.5V input, 6A, step-down converter module with integrated inductor


4.5V-28V input, 1.2V-6.0V output, 2.5-A power module

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