Power management

Offline & isolated DC/DC controllers & converters – Design & development

1.2kW Universal input interleaved CCM PFC power board

Use this design to achieve efficiencies greater than 95% at 115Vac from 20-100% load and greater than 97% when the input is 230Vac. Power factor is greater than 0.98.

230-V, 400-W high efficiency battery charger w/PFC and LLC for 36-V power tools

This battery charger reference design is designed to charge a wide range of batteries in the voltage range of 20-V to 42V, and ideal for 10-Cell Li-Ion battery packs used in cordless power tools and garden tools.

460-W interleaved TM PFC reference design

Design an interleaved transition mode PFC controller that converts a universal AC-input to a 460-V, 1-A DC Bus with 96% peak efficiency.

Reference designs