Power Management

Applications that use Power Management Multi-Channel IC (PMIC) Solutions

Texas Instruments has the right PMIC or sub-PMIC for your industrial, personal electronics and automotive applications. The flexible and integrated products meet your sequencing, voltage and current requirements of processors, MCUs, FPGAs and system-level peripherals using single, cost-effective devices.


PMICs from TI provide industrial system power solutions for processors such as Sitara™, Freescale i.MX6, Intel Apollolake/Skylake, Nvidia Tegra, and Xilinx/Altera FPGAs in building and factory automation, smart grid, electronic point of sale, drones and other industrial applications.

Controller-based PMICs are also available to solve hot spot issues by distributing heat to external FETs and to ease the PCB routing by pushing out passives to FETs from the PMIC.


industrial PMICs

Space, avionics & defense


TI’s broad portfolio of PMICs offers highly flexible power solutions for communication equipment that scale across various processor, ASIC, and FPGA architectures. When chosen over a discrete solution, TI’s PMICs provide simplified integration that reduces board space, system cost, and time-to-market, while increasing reliability and functionality.

communications PMICs

Wireless infrastructure

Personal electronics

TI’s PMICs offer the best combination of tiny size, ultra-low quiescent current and integrated features, like battery chargers and gauges, for space-constrained smartphones, tablets, wearable and gaming applications. The highly efficient PMICs extend the operating life of battery operated devices and reduce board space for lower BOM size and cost.

TI powers processors from Intel, AMD, Freescale and many more, to powering specific applications such as compact camera modules, electronic paper displays, and wearable battery applications.

personal electronics PMICs

Enterprise systems

TI’s PMICs offer highly flexible power solutions for enterprise systems that scale across a wide range of processing architectures. Our portfolio offers a variety of options including power sequencing, external FET controllers, and integrated converters for both low power and high power systems.

enterprise systems PMICs


End Equipment Featured TI Design Key Product
Network Attached Storage AM437x Low Power Suspend Mode with LPDDR2 TPS65218